Metro by T-Mobile Phone Bill: What You Should be Paying

Are you pay too much for your Metro by T-Mobile phone service? We can help.

Metro by T-Mobile is a prepaid wireless phone provider owned by T-Mobile. Any phone lines you get with the no contract prepaid Metro company uses T-Mobile infrastructure, T-Mobile being the fifth largest telecommunications network in the United States. The company markets the plan starting prices at $40, but that isn’t entirely accurate. Here’s why…

Network quality 

Metro by T-Mobile is somewhat limited in its network quality. There are a few key areas throughout the State of Florida, along the northeastern states of New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, in addition to States like Michigan and California where access is available. Even in these areas however the access is limited. Parts of California and Florida have LTE but most areas have an average of 2G or 3G.

Below is a map of their current coverage:

Map of Metro PCS coverage

Map of Metro PCS network coverage from RootMetrics

There are different deals they offer such as low income residents in California potentially qualifying for a free smartphone, but they’re still the added cost of the monthly plan, and limits on the number of phones available. 

Metro by T-Mobile Cell Phone Plans

The phone bill cost per month varies based on the type of plan you choose. There are three phone plans: The $40 per month, $50 per month, and $60 per month plans. The $40 per month plan gives you 10 gigabytes of high-speed connection while the other to give you unlimited high-speed connection.


T-Mobile purportedly has two different unlimited high-speed phone plans, the $50 per month plan or the $60 per month plan, so the unlimited plan cost is based on what amenities and hotspot data you want.

  • The $50 per month plan gives you unlimited high-speed access, 100GB of storage on Google one, and 5 GB of Hotspot data.
  • The $60 per month plan gives you 100 GB of storage with Google one, 15 GB of Hotspot data, and an Amazon Prime membership.

Family plans

Technically, any of the three major plans offered by Metro is considered a family plan or sharing plan because they give you the option of adding up to five extra lines. This means, if you are looking for an unlimited Family Plan cost it is contingent upon how many lines do you add.

With the $40 per month plan you can save $10 on each additional line you add to your plan. With the $50 per month plan you can save $20 on the line access fee, and with the $60 per month plan you can enjoy up to four lines for only $120. The table below explains the cost:

Average cell phone cost per month

Number of Lines

$40 per month plan

$50 per month plan

$60 per month plan






















Given that Metro uses no contract cell phone plans, all three of the plans mentioned above are prepaid.

What they don’t tell you in most of their advertisements except in the fine print is that you can enjoy a $30 plan each month but it has a limit of 2 gigabytes of high-speed data for every phone line under that plan.

So if you want a low phone bill cost per month and don’t care about data, the $30 plan is what you want.

 Unfortunately, Metro does what most phone companies do which is to market this specific connection like the unlimited plan but the very fine print says that heavy data users and customers who have a lower prioritized plan literally get lower data speeds just because the company prioritizes their data. So even if you pay for something like the $50 per month plan or the $60 per month plan, if you don’t regularly use more than 35 GB each month, the company will throttle back your speeds.

Worse, still, this throttling applies to Metro customers and is done by T-Mobile. They specifically say that they will prioritize contract bound T-Mobile customers over the subsidiary prepaid Metro customers.

How Metro’s Unlimited Plan Compares

Wondering will 5G cost more? It doesn’t. Because there isn’t any. There is no 5g plan cost for Metro even though T-Mobile has 5G coverage. 

Compared to other big companies, Metro does bring the benefits of no contract but even though you are under the parent company of T-Mobile, you don’t get all the benefits of T-Mobile service, specifically with regard to speed and access to 5G. When compared to other companies like Verizon or AT&T, the costs and the data you get are somewhat comparable, and a few of the prepaid options from Big names like Verizon or AT&T give you benefits like free Amazon Prime membership.

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