How to Lower Your Metro Bill

Does it seem like your bill from Metro is too high? We go over the different ways to reduce your bill from Metro.

Is your wireless phone bill from Metro not what you agreed upon? Maybe the services just aren’t up to snuff. You aren’t alone. 

Customers have complained about Metro’s 5G being significantly slower than promised and in particular, paying a monthly rate for unlimited high-speed and Hotspot data that never materializes.

Get to Know Your Metro Bill

Get to know every detail of your monthly bill. This involves looking at more than just the single line transaction fee on your credit card statement or bank statement. You want to check for any line by line charges. Given that Metro by T-Mobile doesn’t require a contract, you should have the same month to month fee on your bill, something that remains the same unless you change your service.

For that reason, if you see something you don’t recognize, contact customer service and ask about it. If there is a charge that shouldn’t be there, bring it to their attention so that you can initiate the process to get the refund you deserve as quickly as possible.

You can contact Metro customer service and make them listen to your issue and follow up on refund requests or billing errors. 

Downgrade Your Metro Services

If you try to cancel your service and are under contract, there might be early termination fees from Metro. That is why it is better for you to scale back your services, change the wireless speed or extras you have with your current service. This is particularly applicable to people who simply aren’t getting the speeds that they were promised. If you are paying extra every month for 5G, but you aren’t getting access to it, it might be worth downgrading your Metro services to a more affordable package.

Negotiate with Customer Service

You can also contact Metro’s customer service and let them know that you’re simply unable to pay your bill as it stands right now. They might be able to offer you a cheaper service, a different plan, and all the while avoid potential early termination fees associated with making that change.

Metro is owned by T-Mobile and T-Mobile has a great customer retention department whose sole job it is to keep customers loyal. So, if you reach out to customer service and let them know that you are thinking of changing to a more affordable competitor, you might find that they are able to offer you promotions or deals that are not publicly available.

Use Deals and Discounts

Metro by T-Mobile already offers significant savings in the form of contract free plans. However, there are regular deals and promotions where you can get a cheaper service, or faster service for the same price you are paying, or significant discounts on different devices. These are subject to change and it is important that you make sure there aren’t any hidden fees associated with changing your plan.

If you have used all of these methods to try and get discounts or rebates and reduce your bill from Metro, but it’s still not enough, consider letting us lend a hand.

What if Metro owes me money?

Metro offers data plans, family plans, and smartphones but there are specific steps you have to take to make sure you get the refund from Metro you deserve for your service or your product. You might have successfully changed your service and they overcharged you the following month so now they owe you money. There might be a billing error that has yet to be resolved. In any of these cases, we can help you pursue compensation you deserve for your Metro billing issues. 

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