All About Navient Lawsuits

Learn what Navient lawsuits are out there, and how to take action…

Navient has been the center of multiple complaints and lawsuits over things like inaccurate billing and collections practices. When something goes wrong for you, you can file a complaint against Navient, but contacting Navient customer service can be a challenge. Still, this doesn’t always get a resolution, even for people who follow Navient customer service tips. This is usually where people ask about lawsuits.



Are lawsuits allowed against Navient?

If you look at your user agreement with Navient, it probably says you can’t sue Navient except in small claims court because of an arbitration clause. Small claims court can be complicated and time-consuming which is why we recommend consumer arbitration as a viable alternative.


What is a Class Action Lawsuit? Can I file a Class Action Lawsuit against Navient?

Class action lawsuits are designed to represent a group of people who all suffered from the same issue with Navient. So instead of filing individually, they filed a group lawsuit and then split any settlement that comes.


You might not be able to join the class action lawsuit because of your agreement, but they can still be brought against the company by corporations, other banks, government organizations, or former employees.


As a Navient customer, what are my options for a lawsuit?

One option you have for filing a lawsuit against Navient is small claims court. With small claims court you have to file paperwork with your local court, follow their procedures, pay your legal fees, and attend a court hearing.


Alternatively you can use consumer arbitration and argue your case before an independent arbitrator.


Recent and notable Navient lawsuits:

Navient CFPB lawsuits

Navient was involved in multi-state investigations and litigations by State Attorneys General and the CFPB. The lawsuit started in 2017 and Navient agreed to a settlement in 2022. The allegations stated that Navient steered borrowers from the income-driven repayment plans and instead toward forbearance. Forbearance was worse for borrowers because interest still accrues whenever the payments were paused whereas an income-driven repayment plan would have been based on their income without the same negative side effects. Navient settled for 1.7 billion dollars in the lawsuit for their unfair and predatory practices.

Navient lawsuit on bankruptcy

This Navient class action lawsuit alleged that Navient should have discharged debt for users who filed for bankruptcy. They reached a settlement where Navient agreed to discharge debt for those who had filed for bankruptcy at the start of the proceedings in 2005.

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