Announcing Winners of the FairShake Consumer Protection Pre-Law Scholarship

Published on March 30, 2020 by the FairShake Team

As of March 2020, Radvocate is now FairShake.
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Thank you to all of the students who submitted essays for our inaugural scholarship.

The purpose of this scholarship is to raise students’ awareness and interest in the importance of consumer protection law and advocacy in day-to-day life. We were pleased to have a very strong batch of essays to choose from, discussing consumer rights in relation to topics ranging from smart speakers to fast fashion.

While we originally intended to award two scholarships, we ended up in the situation of awarding four partial awards across two different broad topics. This reflects the high quality of submissions we received.

The awarded essays, and those receiving honorable mention, can be read at the links below.

Topic 1: Consumer rights for the undocumented community

Topic 2: Protecting consumers’ online privacy

Honorable mention:

Are you an undergraduate interested in applying for the FairShake Consumer Protection Pre-Law Scholarship?

We are now accepting applications for the next round. For more details, see the application page here.

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Best of the Best. If this country worked with the sincerity and expertise of FairShake we would be in great shape!

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They got more done in a few weeks than I did in over two years.

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I can’t say enough good about this company! They are really a light for us in a very hard time.

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Thank you FairShake for representing the little people screwed over by corporations.

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I was having problems with the company for months. That you could make it resolved in a few days is wonderful.

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It's not right what Big Business can get away with if we let them. People need to know someone is out there to help!

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FairShake helps put the power and money back in your hands

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