Amazon’s Megacycle Shift Will Push Some Delivery Drivers Out of Work, according to VICE

From VICE:

Across the country, Amazon is forcing its warehouse workers to choose between signing up for 10-hour graveyard shifts or quitting their jobs.

Some Amazon delivery associates who drive packages to customers’ houses are also having their lives upended by this new shift model, known as the “megacycle.”

A message one of Amazon’s delivery service partners sent to drivers at an Amazon warehouse in Atlanta, known as DAT1, in late January, informed drivers that because of “megacycle,” Amazon would extend their delivery shifts from eight to 10 hours, and the number of routes would be reduced, forcing some drivers out of their jobs.

Though Amazon delivery associates drive Amazon-emblazoned vans to deliver packages to customers’ homes—they are technically not employed by Amazon, but by small delivery companies, known as delivery service partners (DSPs), that operate out of Amazon warehouses.

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