Comcast and UK subsidiary Sky reportedly launching smart TVs, says The Verge

From The Verge:

Comcast appears to be planning to offer TVs running its own software across at least two territories, according to recent reports from Protocoland The Financial Times.

In the US, the TVs will reportedly be branded as XClass TVs. Originally manufactured by Hisense, the 43 and 50-inch sets will run Comcast’s X1 operating system, which is already found on its set-top boxes and Xfinity Flex streaming box. An Xfinity landing site confirms the “XClass TV” branding, while an FAQ spotted by Protocol says they’ll aggregate “your favorite apps, live channels, and On Demand movies and shows together in one place.”

Meanwhile in the UK, Comcast subsidiary Sky is reportedly planning to launch smart TVs of its own. The FT’s report doesn’t mention what operating system these TVs are likely to run. Sky already operates its Sky Q platform in the country, which currently runs on set-top boxes and shows satellite broadcasts alongside video streamed from services like Netflix and Disney Plus.

Comcast declined to comment to Protocol on its report. In the UK, Sky confirmed that it’s always exploring new technologies, but declined to comment on “product rumors.”

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