PayPal headlines: PayPal’s Legal Chief Louise Pentland to Depart at Year’s End (2)

From Bloomberg Law:

PayPal Holdings Inc. has disclosed that its chief business affairs and legal officer A. Louise Pentland will step down from her role Dec. 31.

Pentland, who has been PayPal’s top lawyer for nearly seven years, entered into a separation agreement with the company Nov. 10, according to a Nov. 15 securities filing. PayPal said that as part of that deal Pentland will receive a cash payment of more than $2.5 million prior to her final separation date of July 31, 2022.

PayPal spokeswoman Amanda Miller told Bloomberg Law that Pentland will “continue to serve as a counselor and adviser supporting our ongoing activities and initiatives until mid-2022.”

Pentland didn’t respond to a request for comment about her decision to leave a financial payments and technology company that hired her in 2015 amid its separation from former parent eBay Inc.

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