Latest T-Mobile customer news: T-Mobile reportedly suffers another, smaller data breach

From CNET:

On the delayed heels of its huge data breach in August, the T-Mo Report brings news today of another possible data breach. This one seems to impact a smaller group of customers who received notifications of “unauthorized activity” on accounts consisting of customer proprietary network information or a physical SIM swap (or both), according to the site.

CPNI consists of all the data T-Mobile has about your phone calls, which according to the carrier is “features of your voice calling service (e.g., international calling), usage information (like call logs—including date, time, phone numbers called, and duration of calls), and quantitative data like minutes used.” It doesn’t contain any billing-related information like names or addresses.

An unapproved physical SIM swap allows someone else to take over your phone number, and if they have your password, to potentially gain access to accounts linked to it — such as if you use text for multifactor authentication. If that’s happened to you, here’s what to do next.

Unlike the earlier breach which affected over 50 million customers, this one may have impacted a much smaller number, and T-Mobile is said to have sent notifications to the people affected.

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