Uber news: Uber Accidentally Promised Its U.S. Workers Health Care Subsidies

From Gizmodo:

Last month, Uber accidentally sent an email to drivers throughout the U.S. promising to cover part of their health insurance. Just kidding, they will not do that, and they regret the error.

In a follow-up email sent to drivers throughout the U.S. yesterday evening, Uber clarified that it’s only offering some healthcare coverage to California drivers. Podcaster Ed Burmila, who drives for Uber part-time, forwarded the message to Gizmodo. It reads:

The email goes on to say that Uber will reimburse your first month’s premium if you accidentally signed up for healthcare under the assumption that Uber would chip in. If you didn’t open the email yesterday, it appears that you are fucked:

This means that if drivers signed up today without seeing the follow-up, they will lose hundreds of dollars this year. In the May 26th email, Uber said that it could kick in from $613.77 to $1,277.54, depending on “active” hours worked per week over a quarter (minimum 15 and minimum 25 hours, respectively). “Active” hours is an important qualifier; it means time not spend waiting for rides, which can account to 35 percent of a driver’s time on the clock.

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