Take action against Uber: Uber is making it easier to get picked up at your exact location

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Anyone who has taken more than a few Uber rides will know how complicated things can be when you need to be picked up in a busy, unfamiliar location. A call from the driver is all but guaranteed as they attempt to find your precise location while you look out through a field of cars in hopes of spotting your driver. Now Uber is back with an update to help address this issue.

When a rider orders a car, the app may place their pin near their location, but not exactly in the right spot — for example, it ends up in the middle of the street for some people. Uber has updated its rider and driver apps so that drivers will now get more descriptive information about their rider’s location, as well as a notification about which side of the street they’re on.

For example, Uber says that rather than giving drivers a generic address to retrieve the rider, they’ll start seeing more descriptive instructions that include things like specific stores, helping the driver figure out more precisely where the customer is located. Likewise, the app will be able to account for the rider continuing to walk to their pickup location in applicable instances.

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