Latest Uber customer news: Uber, Lyft Introduce Prop 22 Clone to Undermine Labor Law In Massachusetts

From VICE:

It’s nearly been a year since Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Instacart, and Postmates wrote Proposition 22—a ballot measure that exempted them from following California labor laws—and spent $220 million on a deceptive campaign to pass it. Now, Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, and Instacart have filed another Proposition 22-esque ballot measure aimed at exempting them from following US labor laws, this time in Massachusetts.

This is not the first attempt in the state to introduce another set of carve outs for gig companies. In March, drivers helped kill a bill introduced in the state house that would’ve provided portable benefits, essentially a financial account that companies and drivers can contribute to.

“It’s a massive restriction of drivers’ rights disguised within the shell of some insignificant portable benefits,” said Henry De Groot, executive director of the Boston Independent Drivers Guild (BIDG), at the time. “The same thing happened with Prop 22—obviously the companies can’t go to the public and explicitly say ‘we want to take drivers rights away.’ They have to include some handout, but look at California: UC Berkeley found that the California wage guarantee was worth $5.54.”

The new ballot measure, put forward by the Massachusetts Coalition for Independent Work—an organization registered and run by Uber and Lyft executives—offers a proposal similar to the failed Massachusetts state house bill and Prop 22: accounts that workers and companies contribute to for healthcare, a seemingly permanent preservation of gig worker misclassification as independent contractors, and a minimum wage—but only for time with a passenger or delivery item, meaning approximately one-third of a drivers’ time could go unpaid.

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