Uber customers take note: Rite Aid joins with Uber Eats to expand on-demand delivery

From CNET:

Uber Eats users can now order groceries and health items through Rite Aid, as the drugstore chain has teamed up with Uber to offer their products through the ride-hailing giant’s on-demand delivery service.

Delivery is available at 2,185 Rite Aid locations across 17 states on the Uber Eats app. Uber is waiving the delivery fee for Uber Pass and Eats Pass customers, while also offering them a 5% discount on all orders over $15.

“By adding Uber as a delivery option, we are doubling down on an omnichannel approach that complements the busy lives of our customers,” said Jim Peters, chief operating officer of Rite Aid, in a press release Friday.

As of now, prescriptions will not be delivered through the service, though an Uber spokeswoman said it’s something the companies hope to implement in the future.

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