Uber’s $10 One subscription gives you VIP access to rides and deliveries, according to Engadget

From Engadget:

Uber is taking another shot at subscriptions, and this latest attempt might make sense if you’re as interested in deluxe treatment as you are discounts. The service has launched an Uber One membership that, for $10 per month or $100 per year, showers you with perks for both ridesharing and Uber Eats deliveries. You’ll get 5 percent off “eligible” trips and food orders as well as free delivery for many grocery and restaurant orders. However, that’s really just the start of the plan.

One subscribers will get “priority service,” with the highest-rated drivers and upgraded support. You’ll also get exclusive promos, offers and invitation-only “experiences.” There’s even an Uber One Promise that gives you $5 in Uber Cash on qualifying deliveries if the courier misses the latest estimated arrival time. You won’t have to settle for the same service as the commoners, in other words.

The new tier is available now, with a one-month free trial and an early bird promo that offers a year for $50 if you sign up before November 29th.

This is clearly aimed at Uber’s most frequent customers — the ones who rack up enough rides or deliveries that they might save more than they pay for One. Uber can encourage frequent use while collecting a steady stream of revenue. This also gives it an edge over rivals like Lyft and DoorDash that may only focus on one service category. You may be more likely to stick to Uber knowing you’ll get incentives whether or not you leave home.

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