How to Avoid Equipment Return Fees from Optimum

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"What you should know about equipment return fees"

How to Avoid Equipment Return Fees from Optimum

If you have closed your account with Optimum, the final step is to return your equipment. Everything that was sent to you by the company has to be sent back. 

Why? Because you are technically renting the equipment every month of your contract and paying a small service fee as part of your monthly bill. However, after canceling your account a company like Optimum might find a way to charge you bogus equipment return fees. That’s where we can help.

Equipment from Optimum

You have to return each piece of equipment you received from Optimum, presumably in much the same condition as it was when sent to you originally. The equipment includes a modem and router, and digital antenna. 

Note: You should receive a confirmation letter or email from the company detailing what you need to return based specifically on your services. If you do not, you can request one from Optimum directly. 

How Long Optimum Gives You to Return Equipment

You have 30 days from the time you cancel your service with Optimum to return all of your equipment.

Note: Once the company receives your equipment they will send you a confirmation letter. But if you fail to return on time, or they think something is damaged, then you might face problems.

What Happens if You Don’t Return Optimum Equipment

If you don’t return your Optimum equipment, they will charge you a fee. They can charge you the same fee for an item that is unreturned, an item that is lost, or an item that they consider to be damaged.

The fees are broken down based on the type of equipment. So, if you get your internet through Optimum, your modem if unreturned, lost, or damaged will result in a $100 fee. Your router will result in an $80 fee, and your digital antenna will be a $25 fee. If you have internet and television, the different television components like the cable box and smart card are $180, the remote control, DVR, cable card, and tuning adapter amount to $445.

Assuming you have only one piece of each type of equipment, you might see that fee show up once but if you have multiple modems and routers, you might see it show up for each one.

If you don’t pay, Optimum can send your account to collections and then someone else may hassle you to get payment for the bogus fees. If this happens, it can negatively impact your credit score for years.

How to Return Your Equipment

In order to make sure this doesn’t happen, your only option with Optimum is to send it in a package—they don’t take in-person drop-offs. You have to return all of your equipment using FedEx. Given that packages can be delayed for many unforeseen reasons, it’s important that you send it off sooner rather than later.

Optimum asks that you place all equipment including the remote and power cords into a box. Optimum doesn’t provide a box so you have to find one yourself and you are responsible for the cost. You should include a copy of your bill or write out your name, full address, and account number on a separate piece of paper and place it inside the box.

*If you need your account number you can find it on an Optimum bill or visit https://www.optimum.net/pay-bill

After that, go online, and enter your personal information. This will help you print a prepaid return label that you attached to the box you used for your equipment. Make sure that all outdated shipping labels are removed before you put your prepaid label on the package.

Optimum uses FedEx so you have to go directly to a FedEx office or authorized shipping location. You cannot drop it off at a FedEx box. Be sure that you ask for a receipt when you drop it off with FedEx so that you have proof it was mailed, and on time.

Document Your Equipment

As you are preparing your equipment, make sure that you take pictures not just of the condition of the equipment but of the paper you include with your shipment as well as the box in which it is packaged. This will help you prove that it was not only shipped on time but in good condition. Taking pictures with your phone can help you get a time and date stamp as well to verify that it was sent within the 30-day requirement.

What Happens if Optimum *Loses* Your Equipment

There are still plenty of times when companies like Optimum conveniently lose your equipment. You can follow all of the rules and go out of your way to make sure you aren’t charged above his fee… and then it shows up unexpectedly on your final bill. If that happens, we can help. At FairShake we work with clients just like you who want to fight bogus charges, and we get results.

Don’t let Optimum take advantage of you and overcharge your account. We can help you fight back and start your claim today…

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