What am I paying for? Postmates Fees Explained

Have you been charged a Postmates fee and want to know why? Do you think you were charged in error? Tell us about it below.

Postmates is a delivery service that charges for delivery of many things you can buy from stores or restaurants.

They charge between $0.99 and $3.99 for the delivery fee for partner merchants and for other Merchants they charge between $5.99 and $9.99 for the delivery fee.

Why did I get charged a few extra dollars, what is it for?

In addition to the delivery fee they also charge you a percentage based service fee. This is based upon the total amount when you check out and you should see it on your check out screen so this fee shouldn’t be a surprise.

Are there other hidden fees I’m being charged for this that I’m not aware of?

If you order below a certain minimum which is based on your city, they will charge you a small fee of $1.99. With this you might not realize you’re going to face that charge because the company says that they don’t know how much your item will cost when they go to the store so they might quote that fee and then never charged it because your order ended up being above the minimum, or they might not quote that fee and then end up charging it in the end and you were none the wiser.

One thing that customers have issues with is that there is often a price difference between the order estimate and the final amount. The reason for this is similar to the small order explanation. The company says that they don’t always know how much a merchant is going to charge for a particular item which is why they give you an estimated subtotal. They also don’t know if there will be certain taxes or service fees which is why they give you an estimated fees section under your subtotal but they reserve the right to determine the final price for all your items after it has been paid for. So in the end you might ultimately be charged something that was different to the estimated subtotal you saw upon checkout but part of your user agreement says that you agree to pay whatever the total is even if it’s different upon checkout.

But if you were facing other fees that were unexpected or something was outlandishly high, you still have options.

What can I do if I was incorrectly charged a fee?

If you were incorrectly charged a fee by Postmates, any fee, you have two options.

The first is to go through a small claims court.  If you go through small claims court it will be your responsibility to create a demand letter that you send to Postmates in accordance with your state requirements, to produce the appropriate documents and have them submitted in court, to officially serve Postmates after you have gone to court with your documents, and then to attend your hearing where you have to defend your case. Even if all of this seems feasible, there are small claims court fees to consider and the fact that most courts have minimum and maximum amounts for compensation. If you are asking Postmates to reverse a charge of $50, that won’t qualify.

The second option is to use consumer arbitration. Consumer arbitration is a much more flexible option for resolution when you are incorrectly charged a fee. It is also an option that’s laid out in your user agreement with Postmates. With this we generate the forms for you through our easy online interactive portal, we contact the company on your behalf, and if necessary we use official arbitration services from the American Arbitration Association. This tends to be a much more flexible option that gives faster results.

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