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Is Protect America a Good Security System?

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The aptly named Protect America is a lesser-known home security system that has nonetheless carved a niche for itself in the home security market. Specifically, they provide simplistic home monitoring and security solutions for those who don’t need an automated home network or a hub with which to connect all their futuristic gadgets. They also have a reputation for being fairly affordable compared to other home security providers in the market. Below, we’ll break down Protect America’s various security packages and equipment and examine how their current customers feel about the level of service they have received.

Protect America Home Security Breakdown

Protect America offers three main security plans, although they don’t have upfront costs like many other home security providers. Instead, the plans are priced at $19.99 per month for Copper (the lowest tier), $37.99 for Silver, and $42.99 for Platinum.

  1. The Copper Kit is their simplest offering, and it’s ideal for those looking for basic and affordable home security. It comes with a single pushbutton control panel, three door or window sensors, an additional motion sensor, four door and window stickers, and a single yard sign.
  2. The Silver Kit, meanwhile, comes with everything above, although you can also opt in to a standard or touchscreen panel instead of a pushbutton control panel. You get nine door or window sensors, the same motion sensor from before, and the same yard sign and number of window or door stickers.
  3. The Platinum Kit is the best of the best and ideal for those who want everything that Protect America can offer. It comes with everything above as well as an additional five-door or window sensors. The biggest difference between the plans is the number of square feet the sensors can cover.

Compared to the competition, Protect America’s services are rather rudimentary and simplistic, though that may be an attractive option for those who aren’t interested in innovative technological gadgets.

Protect America Home Security Ratings

We can check other review sites to get an idea about how Protect America performs in the real world.

Consumer Affairs gives us our first glimpse into their overall reputation. They hold an average review score of 3.5 out of 5 stars. The majority of these are positive, and most reviews have excellent things to say about Protect America’s customer service and their prompt responses to both emergencies and technical hurdles. The downsides were the relative simplicity of the equipment and a few issues with getting equipment parts on time or as requested.

Let’s also look at the Better Business Bureau, which currently rates Protect America at almost 3 stars out of 5. Interestingly, most of the negative complaints here are about customer service representatives being pushy or not being very helpful when it comes to negotiating bill prices or payment plans. There are very few reviews talking about the actual equipment and self, which leads one to assume that there weren’t too many issues with the actual security tools.

Reviews.org also has a detailed review of Protect America, giving them an interesting four out of five stars. They praise Protect America’s low equipment costs and their lifetime equipment warranty, both of which lean into the general theme of the company being user-friendly and budget-friendly. But they do take away points because you’re required to sign a 36-month contract and their equipment isn’t nearly as advanced or innovative as stuff on the market from other home security providers.

Protect America Home Security Complaints

As with the majority of home security companies, most Protect America customers don’t have actual issues with the equipment. This is likely because anyone signing up for a Protect America home security contract already knows that most of their equipment is relatively simplistic compared to the competition. Some may even go to this home security company for this reason, as they may not be interested in newer or more innovative items.

However, some Protect America have experienced terrible customer service, especially when it comes to billing issues or with getting their equipment repaired. Many of these customers dislike how Protect America treats its customers in regard to their billing arrangements or their contracts, and some have had difficulty canceling their contracts. Others have had an issue with the long-term contract they are required to sign; 36 months is a long time to be locked into a contract, with the only other option being to break the contract and pay a high fee.

As a result, some customers have decided to file claims against Protect America for general misconduct or apparent misleading of customers. Protect America’s customer service representatives will need to do a better job of handling the human side of their operation if they want to maintain good ratings.

Protect America Home Security Lawsuits

Protect America is no stranger lawsuits, as they were hit with a proposed class-action lawsuit in 2018. During this lawsuit, the plaintiff claimed that the company routinely sent unsolicited text messages and placed automatically dialed phone calls to consumer cell phones. This was in direct violation of the TCPA or Telephone Consumer Protection Act. In essence, Protect America was a nuisance to the public and their customers, and so were hit with a class-action lawsuit as a result.

While the exact effects of this lawsuit have not yet been seen, it’s clear the Protect America overstepped their bounds and attempted a kind of aggressive marketing that won’t fly.

The biggest issues concerning Protect America are clearly derived from their customer service representatives and aggressive marketing schemes. If you’ve been unfairly treated by them in the past in the search for great home security, maybe Fairshake can help.

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