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Santander Consumer USA is a large financial company that seems to be at the receiving end of multiple customer complaints and lawsuits. If you have a problem with them, you have probably tried to contact Santander Consumer USA customer service and been left on hold for hours. Even if you’re lucky enough to get a hold of someone, chances are they didn’t fix the problem. So what can you do now? You can file a complaint against Santander Consumer USA or you can look into filing a lawsuit.


Are lawsuits allowed against Santander Consumer USA?

It’s very likely that your user agreement with Santander Consumer USA says you can’t sue Santander Consumer USA except in small claims court because of an arbitration clause. Small claims court can be time-consuming and complicated so we suggest consumer arbitration as an alternative.


What is a Class Action Lawsuit? Can I file a Class Action Lawsuit against Santander Consumer USA?

Class action lawsuits are meant to bring lots of people together under a single legal complaint. However, you might not be able to join a class action lawsuit because of your contract. That doesn’t mean people don’t file class action lawsuits against the company. Sometimes you’ll see lawsuits against big financial companies that were brought by the government, usually by different state governments or even former employees.


As a Santander Consumer USA customer, what are my options for a lawsuit?

One option you have is to sue Santander Consumer USA in small claims court. If you have a qualifying claim you will have to submit the right paperwork, pay legal fees, and attend a court hearing. Or, you can use consumer arbitration as laid out by your contract and do everything from home, arguing your case before an independent arbitrator.


Recent and notable Santander Consumer USA lawsuits:

Top 6 Lawsuits against Santander Consumer USA

Santander Consumer USA Servicemembers Civil Relief Act

Santander Consumer USA settled with the Justice Department on September 30, 2021 to the tune of $134,000. The company denied early motor vehicle lease terminations to qualifying service members violating the servicemembers Civil Relief act. They repossessed vehicles for over 1,112 service members without a court order. this federal law is designed to allow service members to terminate a motor vehicle lease prematurely without penalty if they enter the service or receive orders for a deployment or permanent change of station, but Santander Consumer USA did not honor this, denying termination requests from service members who were deployed, and eventually repossessing their cars and damaging their credit. 

Santander Consumer USA Subprime Auto Loan Case

Santander settled a lawsuit with the state of Massachusetts over subprime auto loans for $5.56 million. The company settled lawsuits for the same issue with 33 States and the District of Columbia. In the lawsuit the state of Massachusetts alleged that the company did not give consumers enough information about the wage efficiencies on auto loans will be calculated after their cars were repossessed so consumers who struggled with debt did not receive the legally required information about repossession and collection actions. Similarly, the company violated protection laws by providing loans to borrowers who were very likely to default, iolating underwriting considerations that were put into place after 2019. 

Santander Consumer USA Ohio Repossession Settlement

In Ohio, Santander settled a lawsuit for $1.9 million to resolve claims about the repossession notices they sent. This lawsuit alleged that Santander violated the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act, the Ohio Uniform Commercial Code, and the Ohio Retail Installment Sales Act by sending consumers a notice of intent to sell property letter after their vehicle has been repossessed. 

Santander Consumer USA Colorado Debt Relief

The Colorado attorney general announced in September that Santander Consumer USA had settled over allegations of violating Colorado consumer protection laws by exposing Colorado consumers to high levels of risk and knowingly giving consumers auto loans knowing that they were very likely to default on that loan. They settled for over $3 million dollars.

Santander Consumer USA Fair Debt Collections Violations

Santander has been at the receiving end of multiple class action lawsuits regarding their Fair debt collection practices. Multiple allegations have come forth against the company for violating the telephone consumer protection act and the fair debt collection practices act by using heavy-handed tactics to force consumers to pay loans, making repeated and harassing phone calls, and charging improper fees.

Santander Consumer USA Securities Class Action Lawsuits

Santander faced a securities class action lawsuit in 2014 filed in the state of New York and another filed in the state of Texas for legal issues involving revenue sharing and gainsharing payments.

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