About FairShake's Self-Directed Claim Process

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FairShake is no longer accepting new claims through the self-directed claim process.

Read below if you have questions about an existing claim.
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What does FairShake's self-directed process do?

FairShake simplifies the process for consumers to resolve disputes with large corporations. We help you produce an official legal notice to the company, and then navigate the process to achieve a successful resolution of your complaint. If your complaint is not successfully resolved in a certain amount of time, we can also help bring your claim to an independent decision-maker through the consumer arbitration system.

What kinds of claims can I submit?

Most claims submitted are for improper billing, poor customer service, misleading advertising, or faulty products or services. (Sound familiar? Start a claim now.)

Do you get results?

Yes, we’ve helped hundreds of customers a month resolve their disputes with companies like AT&T, Comcast, and DirecTV. Here’s what our customers are saying.

How much does your service cost?

FairShake is designed to never cost you anything out of pocket and your claim with us is subject to a 100% satisfaction guarantee — if you don’t think we did a good job, you don’t have to pay. Our commission is 20% of any cash or credits you get from ​the company and 10% of any amount deducted from what you owe to ​the company. We also have a $20 minimum for any resolved claim. You can read more about how payment works here.

Is FairShake for real?

Yes! After experiencing our own customer service nightmares, we started FairShake to help even the balance of power between you and giant companies. We’ve helped thousands of people and we’re just getting started.


We have been named a Best Invention of 2020 by TIME Magazine and have been featured in major publications including USA Today, CNET, the New York Times and more.


Still have questions on whether FairShake is legit? Check out our 100+ five star reviews on TrustPilot.

How do I get started?

If you think you have a legal claim against a company, just fill out a form here to get started.

What happens when I submit a claim?

We’ll reach out to you to gather some additional information and file your dispute with the company. We’ll also send you emails along the way with updates on your claim, and check in to make sure you understand the process. You can log in to your FairShake Dashboard at any point in the process to see your claim’s status, make changes to it or add evidence.

What makes a quality claim?

If you were financially impacted by issues like improper billing, poor customer service, misleading advertising, or faulty products or services you could have a claim. Claims involve a financial demand such as a refund compensation for lost time or inconvenience. To make your claim as a strong as possible, you should add as much detail as possible and upload any bills, receipts, etc. that help support your claim. You can do all of this when you start your claim, or later through your FairShake Dashboard.

How do you work to resolve my claim?

FairShake makes the complicated dispute resolution process easy. Once you submit a claim, depending on your package, we fill out all of the paperwork, send all of the letters, and file all of the papers. You just sit back and relax. Companies will usually offer to settle your claim, but if they don’t you’ll have an opportunity to make your case in front of an arbitrator. All FairShake claims are filed with and administered by the American Arbitration Association (AAA). Learn more about the FairShake Process here or start a claim now.

How long does this take?

The FairShake Process takes typically between 4-8 weeks. After we send the company a letter on your behalf, they have some time to reach out to you. If they don’t, or they don’t resolve your issue, we will reach out to you and help you file a legal claim against them.

Is FairShake a part of a larger company?

No. We are an independent team of social-minded legal and technology veterans. FairShake is completely separate from the company you are submitting a claim against. We exist to help consumers resolve issues with companies in a simple, quick, and fair way. We are in no way formally affiliated with another company or the AAA, but we do occasionally coordinate with them to make the dispute resolution process smoother and more efficient.

Is FairShake a lawyer or a law firm?

No – FairShake is not a lawyer or a law firm. We don’t advise you on your legal rights, or argue or negotiate on your behalf. In some situations, we’ll connect you to an attorney who can help you at no additional cost to you. FairShake is an online interface that makes it easy to resolve your disputes with companies.

Am I alone? is this happening only to me?

No! We help thousands of users who are experiencing similar problems. That’s why we exist — these problems happens too often and we are here to help. We apply our experience seeing these sorts of issues to processing your claim. And helping us understand and process your complaint also helps us better solve issues for other consumers, today and in the future.

Am I joining a class action lawsuit?

No – consumer arbitration is not a class action, but arbitration is an official and binding legal process.

Do you accept claims outside of the United States?

Unfortunately we can only process claims from customers within the United States.

So what is consumer arbitration?

Arbitration is kind of like a more convenient small claims court – it’s an informal but binding legal proceeding that usually takes place over the phone or by email instead of in a courthouse. A neutral third party (the arbitrator) decides whether you are entitled to what you requested in your claim – just like a judge would do in small claims. An arbitration is supposed to be less costly and time consuming than a traditional lawsuit. Most consumer contracts require you to bring claims through arbitration instead of through the public court system (although you’re usually still allowed to file in small claims court). Learn more about arbitration or start a claim now.

What is my FairShake dashboard?

Your FairShake Dashboard is where you’ll go to manage your claim and check on its status.

What if I change my mind about filing a complaint?

You can cancel your claim at any time by emailing help@fairshake.com or chatting us through your dashboard.

I already submitted a claim — how do I check its status?

Your FairShake Dashboard will have an up to date status and let you know where your claim is in the process.

My claim was successful — how do I pay FairShake?

Pay your commission percent through your dashboard, or learn how it was calculated, here.

I still have questions!

We are here to help you. Just email us at help@fairshake.com.

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