Lawsuits against SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe does not publicize the company’s legal troubles. If you want to file a legal action against SimpliSafe, are there any former or current lawsuits that cover your issues?


Recent and notable lawsuits against SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe is a home security company. Based out of Massachusetts, the company offers self-installed security systems that are very simple to use and connect to a central monitoring system.

They are quite popular for not having long-term contracts the same as other home security companies but that doesn’t mean they don’t have consumer complaints lodged against them. To help you figure out what legal actions have been taken against the company, we pull together some information on lawsuits over the last few years and what that could mean for you.

Are lawsuits Allowed against SimpliSafe?

Like many legal questions, there is no simple answer. It’s complicated.

As is the case with many other home security providers, SimpliSafe tries to protect the best interests of the company. Your user agreement probably includes language stating you cannot sue the company in most courts.

However, you always have options. You can take SimpliSafe to a small claims court, or you can file a consumer arbitration claim.

The consumer advocates at FairShake feel consumer arbitration is usually the better option. It is also the option that we can help with the most.

What is a Class Action Lawsuit? Can I File One against SimpliSafe?

A class action lawsuit is a type of legal action designed to bring together a group of people with the same complaint. However, if you are a customer of SimpliSafe, you probably won’t have the legal option to join a class action lawsuit or start a new one.

Here at FairShake, we are reinventing the SimpliSafe lawsuit process and helping consumers like you who have issues with the company they want fixed. Most SimpliSafe complaints are quite similar, and many consumers have the same questions about what legal rights they have. Rather than trying to file a SimpliSafe class action lawsuit–which you probably can’t file anyway–we will file a personalized legal document with the SimpliSafe, and then guide you through the rest of the process.

As a SimpliSafe customer, what options do I have for a lawsuit?

There are several ways you can file a claim if you have a problem with the SimpliSafe. For example, you can file a claim with your bank or credit card company, or post a complaint on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website.

You have two legal options:

  1. You can sue SimpliSafe in small claims court. If you do, you have to submit a considerable amount of paperwork, go to a court hearing, and pay the small claims court fees.
  2. Instead, present your complaint to a neutral, independent arbitrator who can decide to make SimpliSafe fix the problem and compensate you. FairShake helps you by making the process simple and convenient.

Recent and Notable SimpliSafe lawsuits:

Vulnerabilities in SimpliSafe's Wireless System

One lawsuit was filed because of a vulnerability in the wireless system and sensors. In this case, it was argued that the sensors in the security system can be fooled by a cheap wireless emitter that mimics the same frequency of the window and door contact sensors. The sensors in their security system use 433.93MHz frequency, but that is the same frequency used by things like baby monitors and garage door openers.

The company responded to a video with the statement: “…In real life, this is unlikely. Because signal strength degrades unpredictably depending on distance and landscape, it would be very difficult for anyone to hit on the “right” strength without triggering an alert.”

SimpliSafe Violates Licensing Laws

It has come to light that the company may have violated state licensing laws. The company admitted it required licenses for their 2 million customers who use the DIY security systems, but some states like Florida, California, and Texas have specific requirements that all companies selling alarm systems receive a license for those systems. SimpliSafe did not have their own license in these states, but used COPS monitoring licenses instead.

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