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Is Simplisafe a Good Home Security System?

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Does Simplisafe keep security simple? It’s a good thing to find out since they’re one of the more famous and popular home security systems among metropolitan or urban users. Their minimalist aesthetic and their devotion to simple equipment packages makes them stand out from the crowd, as does their policy of allowing their customers to actually own their equipment instead of just renting it forever. Today, let’s take a look at everything that Simplisafe has to offer, including what their customers say about their services.

Simplisafe Breakdown

Simplisafe offers five equipment packages in addition to two monitoring plans that you can mix and match at your discretion.

The Foundation

The Foundation is their first package at $183. It’s ideal for those with smaller homes or renters. It comes with a base control station and alarm siren, a keypad for controls, a motion sensor, and an entry sensor.

The Essentials

The Essentials is another step up at $207. It contains two more entry sensors along with everything from the previous package, so it’s better for those with a little more space to protect.

The Hearth

The Hearth is even more expensive at $299 but also comes with a much louder siren at 105 dB, as well as a smoke detector and a keychain fob. This package is the first that covers security and smoke detection at the same time.

The Knox

The Knox is a package for larger homes with more than four bedrooms. It comes with six entry sensors and two motion sensors in total, as well as everything from the previous packages.

The Haven

The Haven is their last package, and it’s also the most expensive at $391 upfront. It has everything from the previous packages, plus a water sensor, a freeze sensor, and a panic button. Thus, it’s appropriate for security and disaster monitoring in addition to smoke detection.

Simplisafe is one of the rare home security providers that allow you to buy your home security with an upfront. All their monitoring packages are separate. The Standard package costs $14.99 and includes 24/7 live monitoring by their security professionals. Or you can opt for their Interactive package that’s priced at $24.99 per month. It also includes constant monitoring, but faster responses for police and emergency services, unlimited video recording, advanced remote alerts to your mobile devices or email address, and remote arm and disarm of your siren.

Simplisafe Ratings

We can examine other review collection resources to see how Simplisafe compares to other companies.

Consumer Affairs is one such resource, featuring Simplisafe at about a 1.8-star average out of five. There are some positive reviews; most of these individuals have good things to say about the low price of Simplisafe during sales and relative simplicity when it comes to operating the equipment. However, other users have noted that Simplisafe’s equipment is known to fail from time to time and give the user trouble even when attempting to make use of its basic functions.

There’s a similar trend on the Better Business Bureau, which gives Simplisafe a 1.5-star average out of five. As opposed to the above reviews, most of these complaints talk more about customer service representatives and their general and helpfulness rather than issues with the equipment. One review even explicitly states that the equipment is fine; it’s the issues with the people on the phone or the other end of the Internet chat room that are the problem.

Reviews.org provides us another window into Simplisafe’s general ratings, giving them 3.25 stars out of 5. The review website gives them points for being affordable and easy to install, as well as praising their buying options and general streamlined user experience. But they criticize the company for providing minimal home automation when some automated features are essentially considered standard inclusions for home security systems.

Simplisafe Complaints

It seems that most Simplisafe customers are either generally satisfied with their equipment or only experience minor malfunctions. Some customers have experienced dud pieces of equipment that don’t work even when it comes to simple security monitoring or day-to-day operation, and they may need these equipment pieces replaced quickly. However, no one can blame them for being disgruntled when the equipment is malfunctioning in the first place. 

But the majority of Simplisafe have complaints mostly regarding their customer service quality and care. It’s clear that there are plenty of Simplisafe customer reps that don’t take adequate care of their customers or who are belligerent or rude. Several customers have stories detailing how their simple questions were ignored or kicked down the road to the point of being conveniently “lost”.

Others have had billing issues with Simplisafe, which is odd given how separate their services are. Simplisafe’s main issues are a bit more split than what you see with many other home security companies, but customer service is still a hotbed of contested opinions.

Simplisafe Lawsuits

It has recently come to light that Simplisafe’s supposedly smart home security technology can be fooled by affordable wireless emitters. These only cost a few dollars and can mimic the frequency of their window contact and door contact sensors. All this was discovered via a YouTube channel, meaning that burglars or other would-be criminals now have a way to get into any home ostensibly protected by Simplisafe technology. 

There is rumor of class-action lawsuits at this time, though no one has yet gathered enough momentum to put one to court. However, it’s likely that Simplisafe may face litigation for improper construction of its home security systems. No court would deny that such a breakdown was anything but negligent.

In the end, safe is hardly simple with Simplisafe. Many of their customers have valid grievances; if you’re one of them, maybe you should think about contacting one of our experts at Fairshake. Not only do we have the legal expertise and drive to help you pursue independent arbitration against Simplisafe, but we won’t charge you unless you win!

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