How to Cancel Your Account with Sprint

If you are cancelling Sprint because of an unresolved complaint, let us help you file a claim.

Sprint provides an array of wireless plans, but sometimes the network just doesn’t work where you are or the service isn’t what you thought it would be. Now it’s time to cancel.

Sprint Wireless Cancellation Policy

Sprint Wireless has a rather flexible cancellation policy. Like most Wireless providers, there are early termination fees from Sprint for people who are under contract. They do also offer some of their wireless services free of contracts which helps customers circumvent the early termination fee entirely. 

Whether you are under contract, with no contract, or you have already fulfilled your contract, all you have to do theoretically it’s contact customer service and get your account canceled.

Step by Step Guide to Cancel Your Sprint Wireless Service 

You can cancel in person or over the phone but not on the website or via email. 

You can use the Sprint locator to find a nearby store. Once you do that, you can make an appointment and visit in person. Just provide them with your ID and they will be able to cancel your Sprint account immediately.

If you decide to contact Sprint customer service, dial 888-211-4727. Asked to speak with a representative about closing your account. You will have to submit an official request to cancel your Sprint account but while you are on the phone with the representative you can ask for confirmation of your account closure and verify your current account balance to see if there are any hidden fees.

Note: When you speak with customer service either in person or over the phone, chances are they will try to offer you ways to reduce your Sprint bill as alternatives to cancellation. These alternatives might help if your bill is too high or if your services are no longer what you expected, but if you truly want to cancel, make that very clear in a polite way. 

Common Disputes and Complaints when Cancelling Sprint Wireless

Many common complaints against Sprint have to do with billing errors and phone plans being charged more than was agreed upon. Similarly, many customers find it very frustrating when they go to cancel their account only to learn that there are early termination fees they did not know we’re part of the terms and conditions.

Fees Associated with Cancellation

As mentioned, the two biggest areas for fees are:

  1. Early termination fees
  2. Installment plan fees

The early termination fee applies to customers who entered into a contract when starting new Sprint services. This is usually a one or two-year contract and if you choose to cancel before the expiration of that contract, they will charge you a fee based on how long you have maintained your Sprint account.

The installment plan fee applies to customers who pay for a new wireless device through an installment plan. This installment plan usually coincides with the duration of a contract so if you sign up for a 2-year contract you might have 2 years worth of installment payments on a new iPhone. But if you cancel your account early, Sprint may require that you pay the remaining amount for the phone up front or continue with your installments.

If you are canceling your account prematurely and your account has an early termination fee as part of the terms and conditions, that fee is prorated and will be due immediately. If you don’t have a term commitment with Sprint and you are paying month-to-month, or you have already purchased your device or completed the length of your previous contract, then you can avoid this fee.

What to do If You Are Unable to Cancel or Get Hit With Unnecessary Fees

If you have tried to cancel your wireless account with Sprint, and they have overcharged you or they are causing other problems, we can help. 

At FairShake we can help you file a claim with Sprint to fix a billing problem or tackle your cancellation issue…

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