How to Negotiate Your Sprint Bill

Having a hard time paying your Sprint bill?  Are you being overcharged for your service?
We break down your options to reduce your bill.

If you find yourself struggling to pay your Sprint bill each month, you aren’t alone.  Perhaps you were promised a special rate but never received it. Or you participated in a special promotion but didn’t get credit.  Maybe you’ve tried to get lower rates through customer service, but just aren’t getting anywhere.

So now you want to know:  How can I reduce my bill from Sprint?

There may be ways that you cut down your Sprint charges.  Below we list a few options for you:

  • Review your monthly bill
  • Contact customer service
  • Take advantage of Sprint discounts and promotions

Read on to find out how you can reduce your Sprint bill:

Review your monthly bill

Be sure to read through your bill, every month.   Check the rates you are being charged for your services.  Make sure that you recognize all of the charges on your statement and are being billed for the services that you’ve agreed to.

If you don’t agree with what you are being billed for or see a charge that you don’t recognize, contact customer service.  According to the Better Business Bureau, Sprint has 32,740 complaints filed against them.  These complaints cover a variety of billing issues including;

  • Customers not receiving promotional rates that they signed up for
  • Charges for damaged phones that were incorrect
  • Being signed up for insurance without the customer’s knowledge
  • Customers promised lower rates if they switch plans, only to find that there are being charged more than they were on the original plan

Sprint customers also report not receiving gift cards or credits when they participate in special promotions.

Contact customer service

If you are having a hard time paying your bill, a customer service rep may be able to help you.  Consider reviewing your bill with them to find ways that you may be able to cut down your services.  Perhaps there is a promotional rate that you can switch to. If you are paying for a data plan, you may be able to scale back the amount of data and save a few dollars.

Sprint discounts and promotions

Sprint offers a variety of discounts through their Sprint Perks program.  These discounts include $5 off each line if your employer, school, or association has an agreement with Sprint, as well as specials on equipment or services from time to time.  You must prove eligibility. This plan is available to current customers and applies to the Unlimited Freedom, Basic, Plus and Premium plans.

Military and veterans:

If you are active-duty or have served in the military, you may be eligible for up to 50% off on family lines under their Unlimited Plan.  Sprint also offers special equipment for veterans that are experiencing hearing loss through their Sprint Captel program.

Unlimited 55+ Plan:

New customers that are 55 years old or older are eligible for special rates and discounts.

Sprint Wireless Advantage Club:

This club provides a discount to people who were referred by a Sprint employee.  You must have the employee’s email address and the last three digits of their CID number to qualify.  Club members receive special discounts on products and unlimited data, text, and talk. You may also qualify for a special $30 per month rate under Sprint’s Unlimited Plus plan.

My Sprint Rewards:

While you won’t be a discount on your services through the Rewards program, you can receive promotional offers that can help you save a little money somewhere else.  Just download the app and you can get freebies and discounts at a variety of restaurants, stores, and hotels.

What if I have an error on my Sprint bill? What if I can’t get them to reduce it?

If you notice an error on your Sprint bill, a mistake or accounting problem that has resulted in your bill being too high and Sprint customer service won’t do anything to fix it, you still have options.

At FairShake we can help guide you through the process of consumer arbitration to get the compensation you deserve.

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