How To Get A Refund From Sprint

Need help getting the Sprint refund you’re owed? You may have legal options

While you might see that Sprint has merged with T-Moblie, that doesn’t mean that the refund process is the same. Sprint still has its own refund policy for its own products, along with its own team of customer support staff.

If you want a Sprint Refund, then you will need to either have bought your product physically from the store, bought the product online, or bought the product from a telesale. However, Sprint services are not refundable even if you cancel the service in the middle of a billing cycle.

With Sprint technically being a part of T-Mobile now, the act of refunding a simple product might seem confusing, but there are certain steps that you can follow to make sure that your product gets returned and you can get your money back.


Request Your Refund

If your phone has stopped working, or if you didn’t get the right device for your needs, you can easily refund it through Sprint. You can request a refund by phone, on their website, through the mail, or in person.

The easiest way to request your refund is to simply head to the store where you bought the product. You simply walk into the store and you will need to have the original packaging, the receipt for your purchase, and any accessories or parts that came with the device.

If you received your device through the mail and now wish to return it the same way, then the package should have come with a pre-paid label. You can use that label to return the product and avoid having to pay the return shipping, so that label is pretty useful to have around.

You can also return products online or over the phone, and both options will require you chatting with Sprint’s Customer service representatives. You’ll give them all the information about the product that you bought and then they will give you instructions about how to return your item using the methods listed above.


Handling the Refund

For a phone or other device, you have two weeks or 14 days to try the device out where it is eligible for a refund. During that time, you can mail in the device or return it in-store, with the original packaging, receipt, and any accessories that came with the product. The product must be in good working condition.

So make sure not to throw away any accessories, packaging, or the receipt until the two week period has passed. Admittedly it is quite tough to do and even tougher to remember to do when you are so excited to open your new phone, but it is important. If your phone ends up not working, you will need those items to successfully send it in for a refund.

You will also need to contact customer service if you aren’t in the store and tell them to deactivate any services associated with your device within 14 days of activation. This is applicable to your situation, but if your product happened to come with a service attached, then you will need to deactivate it.

If your device didn’t come with a service, or you didn’t attach one to your phone, then that does not apply to you.

The full retail price of the product is covered by your refund, along with any paid monthly installment fees for your device if you are on a payment plan. The remaining fees will be waived.

However, service charges are not covered by your refund, neither are any fees that you will need to pay for a damaged device. If you bring a device back damaged, then you will need to pay the fees associated with returning a damaged device.

Additionally, for its items, Sprint might charge you a small restocking fee. For the full retail prices of $600+, between $300-$599, and less than $300 of your device you will need to pay a $70, $40, and $20 restocking fee respectively. 

It’s a small fee but is something that is worth keeping in mind whenever you make the return.


Getting The Refund

Once the refund is approved, you can get your money back immediately if you have returned the item in-store. Otherwise, you will need to wait, and if you paid with a credit card you will need to wait up to ten business days to have the refunded money appear in your account.

The ten days can become two weeks depending on your bank or your credit card issuer, and to check on the status of your payment you can either call Sprint’s Customer Support team or call your bank to see when the payments will arrive.

On two occasions, you might receive a check in the mail from Sprint for the refunded amount. If you paid with a check for your device, then they will refund you with a check. Also, if you paid more than 175 dollars for your phone or accessory, then Sprint will not give you a cash refund but will instead give your refund as a check.

Refunds From Sprint

Even though Sprint is now a part of T-Mobile, the refund options for Sprint products are still in effect. It’s not that difficult to get your refund from sprint, but it can be difficult to track it. Unlike other phone companies, they don’t have a website or a real way to track your package beyond calling customer support or tracking a refund through the mail.

Keep an eye on your bank for the next two weeks after a refund, and you should see the money inside your account. Still, despite the long wait times, getting a refund from Sprint is no different than getting a refund from any other location. 

If you require a refund, make sure that you have all the original packaging and items that your phone came with, and then you can return it in person or through the mail to get a speedy refund.

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