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Unfortunately FairShake no longer offers the service described here. See our About Page for more details.

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Anna's Story

Anna’s cable bill kept going up. Every month would bring new charges and hidden fees. Calling customer service didn’t help. When she finally cancelled her service, they hit her with an exorbitant final bill. Once Anna found FairShake, the company started to listen:


I provided the necessary information and within 24 hours I got an email from FairShake that my dispute was filed.


At the tail end of 30 days the cable company contacted me. Then after 2 weeks of wait time I received my settlement check from them. They paid back all the overcharges they charged me on the final bill.


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Constance's Story

Constance was hesitant when she first found FairShake. A way to get big companies to take her problems seriously? Was it too good to be true? Constance gave it a shot, and found that FairShake delivered:

After a year and a half of trouble with a notable company, FairShake stepped in and stood by me filing and coaching me the direction to go. Equipping me with the laws, knowledge, and tools to win.


My win was my case settling prior to the arbitration hearing and resolving an issue I had tried and tried to deal with said company directly first.

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John's Story

John’s internet service was falling down on the job. He couldn’t get anyone at the company to help, Until he heard about FairShake:

My internet service would work about 2-3 weeks at a time. Found a company called FairShake. For free they will file a claim on your behalf. My demand was to either 1) fix the service that I pay for or 2) reduce my bill to reflect the level of service I get. They took my case.


About 3-4 weeks later two vans and a service truck showed up with four guys. They went through everything from main servers all the way to my home. I’ve had near perfect service since. They got more done in a few weeks than I did in over two years.

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Dustin's Story

Dustin was trapped in account cancellation purgatory:

Closing out my wireless account was a nightmare. They attempted to charge me some arbitrary number. I requested an itemized statement. Impossible to read with a ridiculous amount. I spent hours upon hours talking to people. My credit score I worked hard to get was tanked 100 points.

But Dustin had a secret weapon:

At that point I had enough. Began doing research on what I could do. I found FairShake and contacted them. They were so understanding and knowledgeable, I immediately knew I had found the right people to help me. Indeed I did!


In the end we reached a settlement that included complete relief of any balance owed by me, requiring them to remove any wrong doing to my credit, and sending me a check that I used to pay FairShake for their excellent services. This is a company we as the person who has to deal with big companies can all get behind. I tell everyone I know about them.

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Amanda's Story

Amanda’s cable company wouldn’t play by the rules:

I was in a 6 month battle with customer service reps who failed to cancel my service, failed to send me confirmations, failed to refund me after they overcharged me, failed to listen to my concerns, and failed to resolve them.

Raising her issue through FairShake made all the difference:

The only way they started taking me seriously was when FairShake stepped in. Suddenly, the company was very interested and on the ball to help me, and the six month battle ended. Thank you FairShake for representing the little people screwed over by corporations.

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Scott's Story

For Scott, FairShake succeeded when no other option had:

When a large company makes a mistake and blames the customer, when the company is too big and too automated that getting any issue addressed can seem impossible, frustrating and stressful, many times the customer is left holding the damage.


Then FairShake stepped in! Got FairShake involved 9/30 and received a settlement offer on 10/17. That was quick and extremely professional. I highly recommend you give this company a shot at your issue. You will feel like David taking out Goliath! Don’t let yourself be taken!

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