Complaints Against SuddenLink

Are you being billed for Suddenlink internet service that hasn’t worked for weeks?  Do you constantly call customer service for help with no success? Do your internet, phone, or cable charges increase each month without any explanation?  If you are frustrated with the poor service that you receive from Suddenlink, you aren’t alone.

Over the past three years, Suddenlink has had 6,591 complaints filed against them with the Better Business Bureau.  Some of the top grievances reported by customers include:

  1. Problems with products or services
  2. Billing errors or accounts sent to collections
  3. Failing to honor promotional offers

If you are tired of being charged for poor service by Suddenlink, we may be able to help you.  FairShake helps frustrated customers take action against internet, phone, and cable providers.   Take a look at our other complaints guides to find similar issues with other telecom companies here.

Problems with Suddenlink products or service

Customers frequently experience problems with the service that they receive from Suddenlink. Some of the most common complaints include:

  1. No internet service – Frustrated customers experience frequent outages with their internet services that can last for days.  When technical support is sent out to fix the problem, they often don’t show up or reschedule the appointment without notifying the customer.  Technicians either can’t find the reason for the outage or change out the modem without success. Customers report that they place several calls for help, yet the problem does not get resolved.
  2. Slow speeds – Customers complain that the actual speed of their internet service is significantly less than what was advertised.  When they call customer service for help, they are often told that the advertised speeds are estimates. In other cases, technicians sent out to diagnose the problem claim there is no issue and that the internet is working properly.  Yet the slow speeds and intermittent service continues.
  3. Poor technical support and customer service – A common customer grievance are long wait times for customer service.  They also complain that customer service and technical support are unable to fix their problems, so they must call in several times and speak with multiple agents for help.

Billing issues

Suddenlink offers new customer promotions for internet, telephone, or cable service that will typically last up to one year.  Once the year has ended, customers are then charged the standard rate for their services which can be as much as double the amount that they are currently paying.  For some customers, this sharp price increase comes as a surprise. When they contact customer service for help, they are often told that such promotional rates are only available to new customers.  For those customers who live in an area where Suddenlink is the only provider, this can be frustrating.

Failing to honor promotional offers

Suddenlink offers special incentives for when customers add services or new customers sign up.  Many times, these are in the form of gift cards or credits. Customers often complain that the promised gift cards are not received, even after placing multiple calls with customer service.   In other cases, Suddenlink may offer to pay disconnection fees or buy out an existing contract when a new customer switches service. Customers often report that they are not reimbursed for disconnection fees, even after providing proof that they were paid.  Or, they are told that they did not qualify for the contract buyout program after they had already switched to Suddenlink service. Finally, customers report that they are given promotional rates to join but end up being charged higher amounts that were advertised.  When they contact customer service for help, they are often told that they didn’t qualify for the promotion or it was entered incorrectly.

If you are tired of trying to fix your Suddenlink problems without any success, you can get help.  FairShake works with consumers who have been unable to resolve their problems with Suddenlink. Learn how FairShake can help you.

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