How to Report Suddenlink for False Advertising

Did you experience false advertising? Did you make a purchase and now you are disappointed because it didn’t live up to expectations? Learn how to report Suddenlink for false advertising, and what options you have to get compensation.

What is False Advertising?

False advertising, sometimes called deceptive or misleading advertising, is any situation where a company presents information that is false or misleading. Legally this doesn’t have to be done intentionally. There are plenty of cases of false advertising where the company doesn’t realize that they have misrepresented themselves.

The rules and laws that govern false advertising all fall under a collection of state and federal consumer protection laws. However, most of these are still governed by The Federal Trade Commission Act, which established the FTC in 1914. Some examples of the rules outlined in that section are:

  • Businesses cannot falsely present testimonials or customer reviews
  • Businesses cannot present scientific findings without evidence

Note: No one actually needs to be misled for a court to find that an advertisement is misleading.

What Are the Different Types of False Advertising?

Sourced from the FTC with creative input from FairShake.

The FTC has a handful of categories that referred to the most common types of false advertising and these include things like mislabeling, bait-and-switch maneuvers, failure to disclose and relevant information, hidden fees, unscientific claims, puffery, and false reviews or testimonials. The FTC takes false advertising very seriously especially when it involves the health or safety of consumers. Failing to disclose information for diet pills that could cause serious harm to users is just one of many examples.

Suddenlink False Advertising Scandals 

The FCC government site has made public certain issues that have to do with false advertising like one complaint where a customer explained, “I was told by CenturyLink I would have downloaded speed of 1.5 mps. I did a test and my download speed is 246s.b/s. I pay over $50.00 per month and they are really the only internet provider in this area. I feel I’m being robbed by a big company and they are in violation of the FCC neutrality act.” 

They dealt with a significant class action lawsuit for deceptive practices and illegal billing for their services in West Virginia. 

According to the West Virginia Record, a class action lawsuit was filed in 2007 alleging that Suddenlink unlawfully overcharged for their internet service. The suit claims Suddenlink has taken part in unlawful, deceptive acts, “which involve the incorrect imposition of monthly charges for 384K high-speed Internet service to West Virginia consumers.” The suit says customers who subscribed to the 384K high-speed Internet service were incorrectly charged $39.99 a month instead of $29.99. One customer contacted Suddenlink several times in January 2007 prior to filing the case, requesting her bill be changed to the correct price. However, the suit says she was denied the bill change. The mistake in billing is one many customers might not be aware of, the suit says. “The Class is so numerous that joinder of individual members is impracticable,” the suit says. “…a majority of the Class members may be unaware of the illegality of Suddenlink’s scheme.”

There are over 300 complaints on the corporate BBB page alone, which have to do with false advertising for hidden fees and promotions. In one instance a customer explained about a gift card promotion: 

“May **, 2019-I spoke with Denise to switch to new service, Altice One, for which I was to receive a $150 American Express Gift Card. The May **-June ** bill was for $193.** the June **-July ** bill was for $242.39 (showing I then had Altice One in effect). July **, 2019 I spoke with Martina, and she said I’d get the Gift Card after 3 billing cycles of me keeping Altince One, so would get it the end of August. Through the fall and winter I called Suddenlink various times and was told to call Suddenlink Promotions at ###-###-####, SALES promotions at ###-###-#### and Gift Cards at ###-###-#### where I got VM and left messages for which I never got any return calls. Yesterday I spoke with Germaine A**** who told me i had to have ASKED for the Gift Card within 3 months to file a complaint and thus get it.”

Another customer echoed these frustrations with the false ads and promotions:

“When we ordered suddenlink in September of 2019, we were promised a $150 Amazon gift card for signing up. After months of on time payments and no changes to service, we never received it. When we called in to inquire, we were given the run around about how we wouldn’t be able to get it because we “made a change”. The original tech that completed our set up, used the wrong adapter plug for our bedroom box and fried it. A second tech came out to fix it. The HD channels we were told would be available on most if not all channels, its available on a handful at best. Fed up with all the broken promises.”

And yet again: “I tried to take advantage of an upgrade package for my internet of $64.99 a month for life with a $100 amazon gift card. When i scheduled an appointment they immediately canceled it and said im not entitled to the deal cause its only if i am a new customer. I am in good account standing and have been for several years. I told them this is not a way to treat a loyal customer. They ended up upgrading me for $86 dollars a month but only for a year before it goes to $110 a month for the same service they are offering for $64.99!! To add to this not even an hour after the tech left for my upgrade i was sent an email offer to upgrade and get a $50 gift card to Amazon. Of course i then called to make sure i claim this since i upgraded that day. I was told that i cannot have the gift card cause my window had closed on the offer. Again i state i received this email less than an hour from my service upgrade. This is unacceptable.”

What to Do If You See False Advertising in Action

It’s up to people like you to report Suddenlink false advertising when you see it in action. So if you think Suddenlink is guilty of false advertising, whether it affected you or not, you can report it. The FTC makes it clear that no one has to have been affected by the false advertising in order to report it and have the company investigated by the FTC. To report a company, start by submitting a consumer complaint to the FTC. The FTC needs to know about the situation so that they can follow up with an investigation. You can also submit a complaint to TruthinAdvertising.org where it will go public.

That investigation against Suddenlink by the FTC might result in fines, legal action like taking the company to court, or simple changes to the current advertisements that they use. Most of these recourses are not things that directly help you as a customer if you were impacted. Typically the recourse available to you for compensation will depend on your state’s laws related to Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices.

Affected by Suddenlink False Advertising? Here’s What You Can Do

So if you were personally impacted by false ads from Suddenlink and you’ve lost money as a result of false advertising, you can reach out to Suddenlink customer service directly to see if the company is willing to give you a settlement but most of the time you end up going in circles with no real solution. So what can you do then?

If that doesn’t work your best option is to consider consumer arbitration.

Consumer arbitration is usually faster and less expensive than trying to go to court. However, this is still a complicated legal process with deadlines and paperwork. That said, FairShake helps you navigate the consumer arbitration process, from filing your claim to getting the resolution you deserve.

Tell us about your complaint and we’ll help you get a fair resolution.

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