Suddenlink Internet Prices: What You Should be Paying for WiFi

Are you pay too much for your Suddenlink internet? We can help.

Are you thinking about getting Suddenlink internet but you want to know about the internet cost and plans? Maybe you already have Suddenlink and you want to know what you should really be paid because your bill surprises you. In this article we review what you should be paying for Wi-Fi and examine the different Suddenlink internet prices.

Pros and Cons of Suddenlink Internet



Suddenlink is good for rural areas where other internet providers don’t exist.

Like most providers, even though you don’t have a contract, the prices will increase after 12 months of service and that standard rate to which it increases is usually an additional $60 per month on top of whatever you are paying.

They have different promos like the contract buyout which gives you money toward buying out a contract with your existing provider and switching to them.

There are a lot of hidden costs associated with Suddenlink.

They offer unlimited data with all of their internet plans.

Their customer service leaves something to be desired; the ACSI rankings for 2020 show them as the worst for customer service, 

Suddenlink Wifi Prices and Plans

Suddenlink internet plans all include a monthly subscription to CuriosityStream and a free subscription to the entertainment resource, Cheddar. At its face value it seems like a great deal although annual subscriptions for CuriosityStream average about $20, usually less because of the perpetual sales they offer, so while this is generous, don’t let it trick you into believing the starting price on their plans is worth it because of the money saved.

Below is a comparison of the different internet plans and the Wi-Fi cost for each:


Starting Price

Maximum download speed

Maximum upload speed

Internet 100

$35 per month

100 Mbps

10 Mbps

Internet 400

$55 per month

400 Mbps

40 Mbps

Internet 1 Gig

$75 per month

1,000 Mbps

50 Mbps

None of these monthly prices for low cost internet include taxes or additional fees. Moreover, the fine print for Suddenlink customers explains that all of these prices are subject to change at any time without warning and they could cost more depending on where you live.

In addition to this, there is no guarantee of the maximum download and upload speeds. This means even if you have the lowest high cost internet speed, you won’t necessarily be getting 100 Mbps or downloads or 10 Mbps for uploads. 

Now, Suddenlink is not alone in this. The FCC regularly monitors the speeds that are advertised by companies compared to what the actual speeds are and most internet providers fail to give you the maximum speed even though that is what they advertised. It can be quite misleading when these are the speeds they talk about because they serve only as a maximum, not as an average.

Does Suddenlink have unlimited internet with no upfront cost?

Technically you can get unlimited internet in the form of unlimited data. However, this really only allows you to browse the internet, play games, and stream but, there are a lot of hidden fees.

Hidden fees with Suddenlink internet

If you take out the internet 100 plan from Suddenlink, you have to pay an installation fee. If you get standard installation, you will be charged an extra $99. If you opt to bundle your services and combine things like television and Internet, you have to pay a premium installation fee which is $149.

As mentioned, their prices increase after 12 months of service for the internet 100 plan. If you take out the internet 400 plan, the price increases after 2 years. if you purchase the most expensive plan, the internet one gigabyte, they purportedly will never increase your bill. 

Unfortunately, even if you opt for the most expensive plan, there are still a handful of hidden fees:

  • You have to rent a modem from Suddenlink which is an extra $10 each month. Suddenlink does give you the option of buying the modem directly but you won’t be able to use their customer service.
  • There is the installation fee mentioned above which can be $99 or $149.
  • Suddenlink internet costs include a charge of $3.50 each month which is called the network enhancement fee.
  • There is an activation fee when you activate your internet, at an additional cost of $40 for your first month.
  • If you rent the modem and don’t return it, you get charged $150 for unreturned equipment.
  • All of the prices advertised above are not the actual prices you get. One thing that most customers are not told when they sign up is that the advertised prices are only given to customers who sign up for auto-pay and paperless billing. If you do not sign up for that you will be charged an extra $5 each month on top of the prices listed above.
  • Finally, there is the price increase at the 1-year or 2-year mark mentioned above depending on the plan you get.

How does Suddenlink internet cost compare to others?

There are lots of competing companies that might have fewer hidden fees. Below is a comparison of Suddenlink internet cost with a few other competitors:




 Google Fiber 



Starting price

$35 per month

$29.99 per month

 $50 per month

 $50 per month 

$29.99 per month

Internet Speeds

100-1000 Mbps

15-2000 Mbps

100-1000 Mbps

12-100 Mbps

10-940 Mbps

Data Cap

250 GB or unlimited

1 TB per month for most plans



1 Tb per month


1 year contract

No contract

No contract

 2 year contract

1 year

Problem with your Suddenlink internet cost?

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