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Suddenlink is a leading internet, phone, and TV provider and a subsidiary of Altice USA, but if you are looking into Suddenlink lawsuits because you’re experiencing issues with Suddenlink, you’re not alone.

And you may be able to receive compensation. There are several current lawsuits and claims filed against Suddenlink already. Most of these lawsuits are class actions, which means you may be able to get in on the settlement. Take a look at this list of lawsuits against Suddenlink to see if you might be affected.

Three recent and notable Suddenlink lawsuits 


Suddenlink Class Action Lawsuit Over Alleged Unlawful Charges

I was told my installation was free and my bill would be $120 a month. Now they are trying to make me pay for installation and raised my bill to $175.

Anonymous Complaint

According to the West Virginia Record, a class action lawsuit was filed in 2007 alleging that Suddenlink unlawfully overcharged for their internet service:

The suit claims Suddenlink has taken part in unlawful, deceptive acts, “which involve the incorrect imposition of monthly charges for 384K high-speed Internet service to West Virginia consumers.”

The suit says customers who subscribed to the 384K high-speed Internet service were incorrectly charged $39.99 a month instead of $29.99.

Alvis contacted Suddenlink several times in January 2007 prior to filing the case, requesting her bill be changed to the correct price. However, the suit says she was denied the bill change. The mistake in billing is one many customers might not be aware of, the suit says.

“The Class is so numerous that joinder of individual members is impracticable,” the suit says. “…a majority of the Class members may be unaware of the illegality of Suddenlink’s scheme.”


Suddenlink Fined by the FCC for Failure to Respond to Investigation

In 2009, the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) fined Suddenlink and several other cable TV operators for failing to provide information about their practices when migrating analog channels to digital. This story from NBC News outlines the FCC fine:

The Federal Communications Commission is fining nine cable TV operators for attempting to thwart its investigation of a practice in which analog channels were transferred to a more expensive digital tier, leaving some customers without access.

In a letter to Congressional leaders Monday, on his last full day in office, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin said cable operators had exhibited “contempt” for the commission by not providing full information about their practices, as ordered.

“The cable operators’ refusal to provide the commission full information has delayed our investigation and inhibited our ability to examine allegations” stemming from nearly 600 complaints, he told the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation.

The cable operators receiving fines were Comcast Corp., Time Warner Cable Inc., Cox Communications Inc., Charter Communications Inc., Cablevision Systems Corp., Bright House Networks, Harron Communications LP, Midcontinent Communications Inc. and Suddenlink Communications Inc.


Suddenlink Patent Infringement Lawsuit by Sprint

As reported by Bloomberg Law, Sprint recently filed a civil suit against Altice USA Inc., Suddenlink’s parent company, alleging that Altice has infringed on 15 of its patents:

 Sprint Corp. has alleged that Altice USA Inc. is infringing 15 patents related to broadband or packet-based telephony products or services.

Sprint is seeking cash compensation, according to a complaint filed Nov. 7 in U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware.

The lawsuit targets include Suddenlink Home Phone, Suddenlink Total Home, Suddenlink Business Class Phone, Lightpath, Business Voice, and Optimum Voice.

Even if you aren’t able to cash in on these listed lawsuits, your complaint may fit arbitration with Suddenlink. We can help you file a claim and get compensated – learn more here. You can also see our articles “5 Ways to Make a Claim Against Suddenlink” and “Want to sue Altice USA in small claims court?

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