Complaints Against Suntrust (Truist) Bank

If you are trying to get customer service to help with excessive fees, fraudulent activity, or a closed account without any success, we may be able to help.

Are you being charged for activity in your bank account that you didn’t authorize?  Have you reported fraudulent activity on your bank or credit card account, but customer service seemed unwilling to help you?  Was your bank account closed for no reason?

Owned by Truist Bank, Suntrust Bank offers a variety of services to customers including banking, credit cards, home mortgages, and loans. The bank isn’t known for stellar customer service, with page after page of complaints on Consumer Affairs.

Over the past three years, customers have reported 715 complaints to the Better Business Bureau.  Some of the most common complaints include:

  1. Fraudulent activity
  2. Lost, incorrect, or held deposits
  3. Closed accounts

Fraudulent activity

Top complaints of customers who experience fraudulent activity in their bank accounts are slow response times and inadequate assistance from the customer service agents at Suntrust. In some cases, customers claim that fraud alerts were never placed on their accounts after they reported the unauthorized activity which led to continued abuse of their bank account. Frustrated customers claim that they were held responsible for unauthorized activity and overdraft fees on their account because Suntrust didn’t flag their accounts for fraud.

Customers also report frustration with the slow review process and lack of response that they receive on their fraudulent claims.  Some claim that they receive credit for disputed charges only to have the amounts deducted from their account without any notice. Other customers report that Suntrust denied their fraudulent claim but never told them.

In other cases, customers are often held responsible for the overdraft fees that occurred due to the fraudulent transactions reported within their bank or credit card accounts.


Lost, incorrect, or held deposits

Customers often use the ATM to make their deposits.  When the ATM records an amount that is less than the customer claims to have deposited, some report that they were never given credit after they reported the missing funds to the bank manager.  Customers who mail their deposits into Suntrust report that they are often lost.

New and existing bank account holders report that their deposits are often held for long periods of time without explanation.  Longer holds are often put on a customer’s deposit at a later date, so the bank account holder is unaware at the time of the deposit.  Those that have deposits being held for potentially fraudulent activity claim that they were never contacted by Suntrust to verify the transactions.  Holds on deposits can range from 7 to 10 business days, which can cause hardship to customers who need access to their funds to pay bills and buy groceries.


Closed accounts

Another common complaint is the closing of a bank account without notifying the customer.  Customers that have funds in bank accounts that are abruptly closed may have to wait between 7 and 10 business days before their funds are returned to them.  For those who have their paychecks directly deposited into their bank account, this can be an extreme hardship as they have no means to pay their bills. Others claim that, even though their accounts were closed, they were charged overdraft fees when previous checks that they issued tried to clear.

If you are trying to get customer service to help with excessive fees, fraudulent activity, or a closed account without any success, we may be able to help.  FairShake works with customers to file a claim to get their money back. If you are tired of being overcharged and underserved and customer service can’t fix your problem, learn how FairShake can help you.

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