T-Mobile Phone Bill: What You Should be Paying

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T-Mobile operates as the fifth largest cell phone provider in the nation and they currently have a particularly expansive network especially for 5G. Wondering will 5G cost more if you have an existing plan or an unlimited plan? That depends on precisely what plan you get. The average cost for a starting plan is $60 per month, with some caveats.

Network quality 

T-Mobile has some of the best access to 5G plans, connected across multiple states and along major highways. Compared to competitors, T-Mobile has fleshed out more 5G networks especially in metropolitan areas and along areas of major transportation from coast to coast.

Below is a map of their current coverage:

Map of T-Mobile network coverage

Map of T-Mobile network coverage from RootMetrics

Access to 5G is one item of note that makes T-Mobile stand out, something that is included in their top two plans. However, 5G will cost more if you have their most basic plan, the T-Mobile Essentials plan.

T-Mobile Cell Phone Plans

Unlimited plans

T-Mobile has three categories of unlimited plans. The phone bill cost per month is based on which plan you get. 

The first plan is called T-Mobile Essentials. T-Mobile Essentials is $60 per month if you sign up for auto-pay. You can also add up to 4 extra phone lines for a total of $100 per month, again, if you use auto pay on all four. This gives you unlimited talk, text, and data but the company is slow to point out that your unlimited talk, text, and data can be slowed during times of congestion. You don’t get access to 5G with this plan.

If you opt for T-Mobile magenta, the 5G plan cost is $70 per month if you sign up for auto-pay. This is where things get tricky because they don’t do it automatically oh, and if you fail to initiate auto-pay when you first take out a cell phone with T-Mobile, they will charge you more than $70. However, other taxes and fees are included.

With this particular plan you can add up to four lines with a limited line access fee. You get a Netflix Basic subscription if you have at least two phone lines under this plan, unlimited talk, text, and data, video stream, 4G LTE mobile Hotspot data, in-flight texting and one hour of data on flights that allow Gogo on board. The caveat though is unlimited speeds or data can still be slowed once you use 50 GB of data per phone line during times of congestion.

Family and Sharing plan

The unlimited Family Plan cost for T-Mobile is typically through the T-Mobile magenta or the T-Mobile magenta plus plans. The T-Mobile magenta plan was described above and the T-Mobile magenta plus is considered an add-on to the magenta plan that comes at a cost of $85 per month, assuming you sign up for auto-pay, and if you get up to four lines per month all of which use auto pay, it’s only $170 per month. The perks aren’t much better than the magenta plan except that you have unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi and voicemail to text features.

Prepaid plans

T-Mobile does offer prepaid plans that are no contract and paid month-to-month, but through subsidiary Metro, and these do not include unlimited data or access to 5G as part of the average cell phone cost per month. Moreover, if you opt for the Prepaid Plan, your speed can be throttled because T-Mobile puts T-Mobile contract customers first.

How T-Mobile’s Unlimited Plan Compares

In terms of pricing, T-Mobile is better than AT&T in that the price you are quoted for a T-Mobile plan includes taxes and fees for the T-Mobile magenta, but for the essentials, those things are not included. AT&T, by comparison, has taxes and fees as an extra charge on all of their base Unlimited Plan cost amounts.

The price is almost exactly the same as comparable plans through AT&T as well as Verizon, but Verizon has better benefits with additional streaming services and access to the Verizon 5G Network.

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