How to Lower Your T-Mobile Bill

Paying more than you should for T-Mobile? Learn about options to reduce your bill

Have you reviewed your bill from T-Mobile and noticed creeping changes? We explain how to reduce your bill from T-Mobile and still keep your service.

Perhaps you have looked at your T-Mobile bill and seen that every month it seems to change, or there are line items you just don’t understand. Maybe you have already called customer service but you just aren’t getting anywhere.

So now you’re trying to reduce your bill from T-Mobile on your own. Thankfully, there are steps you can take.

T-Mobile Billing Complaints

T-Mobile complaints reveal a lot of discussion of billing problems. For example:

  • New customers have signed up for promotional deals and then been overcharged
  • T-Mobile customers have had billing problems relating to the device they took out
  • T-Mobile customer service reported being overcharged for services they don’t use or don’t have, and sometimes even devices they don’t have
  • Others are overpaying for T-Mobile 5G but it is slower than promised

In certain cases issues like these can be simple mistakes but even administrative errors and mistakes can be really difficult to rectify when the majority of initial customer service contact attempts are automated recordings.

Review Your T-Mobile Bill

This is why it’s very important to start by reviewing your bill from T-Mobile every month. You need to make sure that any unnecessary charges, extra charges, problems with auto pay, or other issues are rectified as soon as you see them. You want to make sure that there aren’t hidden fees in your T-Mobile bill and that if they are overcharging you, you get refunded appropriately.

If you see any of these problems, report them and follow up with customer service until the issue is solved. If the issue remains unsolved, we can help you follow through in collecting compensation from T-Mobile. 

You can file a complaint against T-Mobile if this does not solve your issue. 

Scale Back Services and Devices

You might consider trading in your current phone for something more affordable. If you sign up with T-Mobile using a promotion, you can scale back your service before that promotional rate expires or ask about getting a lower rate. You can also examine the wireless service you have and whether all of the features are really necessary. 

You might have a 5G connection as part of your wireless service, but you don’t actually get 5G where you live. If that’s the case, it’s better to reduce your monthly bill and settle for the service you legitimately receive. 

When you decide to scale back services, try to do so with customer service. T-Mobile might have early termination fees even if you are remaining on as a customer but just changing the service. If you speak with a customer service representative in the customer retention department, you might be able to guarantee that these fees don’t show up on your next bill. 

Negotiate for Different Fees

Once you have reviewed your bill, if there are still things you can’t afford, contact the customer service department. Ask them to transfer you to the customer retention department. Every company has a customer retention department, even T-Mobile. Their job is to keep you as a loyal customer. 

So be polite but explain that your bill is a bit too high and you were thinking of changing your service to one of their competitors. They might be able to offer discounts or promotions on the website, or maybe they can reduce the fee of your service but keep the services where they are, or add extra services for the price you are paying now.It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Use Promotions or Discounts

T-Mobile regularly has promotions and discounts available on their website for new customers. They also offer discounts for specific occupations, or age groups. Here are some as of the time of writing:

Military Discount

T-Mobile has military packages called magenta military plans. Active duty, veterans, and their families get 50% off regular monthly plans.

First Responder Discount

First Responders can get 50% off regular magenta plans under what is called the magenta first responder plans.

Teacher Discount

Given that teachers are now forced to work remotely with more challenges, T-Mobile is providing teachers and school districts with cheaper unlimited plans.

Senior Discount

T-Mobile offers senior discounts for people who are 55 years or older such as the essential unlimited basic plan at only $27 per month.

Rebates and Rewards

In addition to these regular promotions and discounts for specific situations, T-Mobile regularly provides rewards and promotional opportunities like this counts on existing Plans, free upgrades, or trade in opportunities.

If you have tried everything to reduce your bill from T-Mobile but you’re still having trouble paying, it might be time to let us help you.

What if T-Mobile owes me money?

You might have contacted customer service already and they promised to provide compensation for a monthly billing error, or you decided to scale back your services only, your bill is still too high. In these cases it might be difficult to get the refund from T-Mobile you deserve. But we can help.

Ready to get started? We can help. Let FairShake help you tackle your billing issues. 

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