Can I get a refund from T-Mobile?

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If you have had an issue with T-Mobile and your existing service or a product you’ve purchased, you might deserve a refund. Maybe you’ve canceled your service but they charged you in advance or maybe there was an issue with your billing and they promised to refund you.

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What kinds of refunds can I get from T-Mobile?


If you are expecting an adjustment to your account, you still have to pay the total amount that is due on your bill in order to avoid service interruption or additional fees. Any adjustment that is made as a result of a refund will appear on your next billing statement. When you sign into your T-Mobile account you can find any adjustments you borrowed listed under the monthly summary, under the section called credits and adjustments. The amount of any adjustment to your account will be deducted from your total current charges.

Deposit Refunds

When you make a deposit, a refundable deposit, it will be returned to you after 12 months of active service if you are not past you and your account has remained in good standing order for the duration of the 12-month. Returned deposits get applied to your account balance first but you can request that any remaining credit balance be refunded to whatever payment method you have on file or to a prepaid card.

Cancelled accounts

If you cancel your account with T-Mobile, and you are entitled to a refund or something like a refundable security deposit, you have to wait a minimum of 30 days with no payment or charge activity before any credit balance you have for your T-Mobile account will be refunded to you. That allows T-Mobile enough time to make sure that all of your final charges have been billed and paid for in full before they give you any of the remaining amount. In order to follow up with this and make sure that T-Mobile is honoring the refunds you deserve, you can reach out to customer service.

Payment refunds

If you need a payment refund, you have to be the account holder or an authorized user and you have to verify your account before you can request the refund. You have to contact T-Mobile customer service in order to start the process. Even though you might be owed a refund, T-Mobile will not do it for you. You have to be the one to reach out to customer service and demand the refund.

There are certain credit balances that are not eligible for a refund payment which means T-Mobile won’t be able to send that money to a debit card or credit card or bank account but they can apply it towards your monthly charges. Once your refund request is submitted it typically takes one business day to be reviewed and T-Mobile will send you a text message with the outcome.

In Store Returns and Refunds

The T-Mobile refund and return policy varies based on where you purchased your service/product. If you made a purchase in a store, you can receive a refund for a device or an accessory or cancel your service so long as you return the device and its original packaging with all of the original content on damage and no alterations within 14 days of your purchase date. There can be a restocking device fee of $75 for higher-end devices in $50 for smartphone or wearable devices, and $25 for basic phones or data sticks.

Refunds for new service activation

If you purchase a new device, accessory, or service over the phone or online, you have 20 calendar days from the date you received an order to cancel for a refund, or return and exchange the device. In order to do this you have to contact T-Mobile at 1-855-630-3285 in order to cancel your new service activation.You will still be responsible for charges that you incurred prior to cancelling your service like long-distance fees, taxes, roaming fees, or other fees which, if you do get a refund approved, will come out of your refund amount.

If you are returning equipment that’s associated with the new activation that you want to cancel, it has to be in the original package with the original contents, with no alterations made.

T-Mobile says that any accessories that were part of a promotional offer have to be returned for a refund with the original device. There are certain limited edition devices that cannot be refunded. The refund you receive will be minus any rebates, restocking fees, or shipping fees for The Returned items.

If you do not return the device while canceling a service or you return the device in a damaged condition, T-Mobile might charge you to repair it or simply deny your refund entirely.

Refunds for Upgrades

If you want a refund for an upgrade, whether you are canceling your upgrade and returning the device or simply want to exchange the device, you have to do it within 20 calendar days of the date that you received your device. For all returns and exchanges and refunds associated with canceling your upgraded service you have to contact T-Mobile at 1-855-630-3285.

Prepaid Refunds

T-Mobile prepaid services are non-refundable even in the event that you return a device or cancel your service within the cancellation time frame. Any unused balance, lost or stolen prepaid cards, or other coupons will not be refunded. All e-coupons or gift cards that you may have used are also non-refundable.

How long does it take to get a refund?

The requirements for a refund and the time frame you can expect will vary based on the refund method.

For example, if you are using your checking account or savings account, you have to be the account holder to request a refund and if it’s a brand new account the payment will be held for 14 business days before it will be approved and then deposited within 3 business days.

If you want a refund to a credit card or debit card, the refund will only be placed back on the original card you used to make the payment and it will typically be deposited within 3 business days after it is approved.

If you want a prepaid card for your refund it can only be mailed to the address on file for the main account holder and if it is approved the refund will typically arrive within 10 business days.

Can T-Mobile decline my refund?

T-Mobile can decline your refund for a few reasons:

  • If a recent payment for your account remains unpaid or an account payment you made was declined, the refund might be approved but the money will go toward the remaining balance for your T-Mobile account.
  • If the request is not eligible for a refund, as T-Mobile says some situations are not eligible, then instead of getting the money back you will get a credit balance that gets applied toward future monthly charges.
  • In some cases your refund might not be declined but if it’s the first time you are using a bank account it might take 14 business days before it is approved and released to you.

What happens if T-Mobile refuses to issue the refund I deserve?

There are some cases where T-Mobile might refuse to give you your refund, give you excuses or send you in circles with customer service, or just flat-out deny the refund. If they fail to give you a refund and it is something that is covered under your contract with T-Mobile, you still have legal options. You can use consumer arbitration.

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