Legal Action vs. College Board

Treated unfairly by College Board? Looking for help with your complaint?

Text: Feeling powerless against College Board? A legal option to get help – and claim compensation Image: A frustrated student in a classroom

Did College Board treat you unfairly during the pandemic? Were you unable to take a test that you needed? 

Technical issues? Denied accommodations? Data privacy concerns? Endless cancellations? 

Have you missed out on the opportunity for scholarship opportunities, college credits or college admissions because of the way College Board acted? 

Have you spent hours on the phone trying to resolve your issues with College Board, only to be placed on hold or forgotten? Have your requests for a reasonable resolution been ignored? Do you feel like College Board has all the power? 

College Board has fought to keep harmed students out of court, but their contract gives you an option to stand up for your rights, and get compensated: 

Here’s what some impacted students and parents are saying:

“The AP History test turned off in the middle and submitted itself when my son was not finished. My son has special needs and this caused him severe distress.”

“As an AP coordinator, it seems as if my students have no recourse. They wasted time and money on these exams, and they are completely demoralized.”

“While I was taking the tests to help me get into college, I wasn’t aware that College Board had a different purpose in mind: to obtain my data and license my profile.”

FairShake can help you take legal action, and get compensation:


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