Complaints Against TD Bank

If it seems like you’ve exhausted all of your options with TD Bank’s customer service, consider filing a claim to recover the money you’ve lost.

Do you dread using TD Bank’s online banking service because you’ll spend an hour just trying to get it to work?  Were you charged an excessive amount of overdraft fees because your online banking or TD Bank app balance was not current?  Was your bank account closed for no reason? Are you frustrated with poor customer service? If this sounds like your experience with TD Bank, you aren’t alone.

Although TD Bank has a variety of options to file complaints within their own website, their customers have also filed 983 complaints with the Better Business Bureau over the past three years. TD Bank also has less than 2/5 stars with Consumer Affairs. The most common complaints are wtih:

  1. Online banking and TD Bank app
  2. Closed accounts
  3. Customer service

Online banking and TD Bank app

Customers report that the online banking system is cumbersome and difficult to use.  Technical outages that occur when they are banking online cause problems when they were paying bills or transferring funds.  Transactions either didn’t process properly or didn’t go through at all.

Another frequent complaint of customers is the inability to access the online banking system.  In some cases, they are locked out multiple times for verification purposes, which requires them to contact customer service or visit the branch.   In other cases, they are denied access when logging in without explanation. Customers report that after verifying their account, they are often denied access when they log in again on another day.

Customers also express frustration with the TD Bank online banking system and its limited capabilities.  Some report that they cannot dispute charges or transfer funds. A common complaint of both the online banking and TD Bank app is the delay in reporting transactions.  Customers who check their balance before using their card are often disappointed to find out that there were unposted transactions that had not yet been reflected. For some, they end up with a negative bank balance and overdraft fees as a result.


Closed accounts

Some customers have reported that their bank accounts are closed without their knowledge.  They were not contacted ahead of time and many had funds in their account that they were unable to access.  This can cause financial difficulties for people who need to pay their bills but have no access to their funds.  To add to their frustration, they are often not given an explanation for the closure when they contact customer service.


Poor customer service

TD Bank customers are often frustrated by the lack of customer support that they receive when reporting a problem.  Some report that when fraudulent activity occurs on their account, they often receive no communication as to the status of their dispute.  In some cases, their claims are denied without their knowledge.

Customers who encounter issues with making deposits, specifically through ATMs, note that they receive very little help from the branches when an error occurs.  Some claim to have lost their cash deposits in the ATM.

In general, customers report that service agents and branch personnel are often uninterested in helping them, put them on hold for excessive periods, or transfer them between multiple departments.

If your TD Bank problem is costing you a lot of money and you can’t seem to resolve this with their customer service, you may have another option.  FairShake works with customers who are unable to fix their problems with TD Bank. If it seems like you’ve exhausted all of your options, consider filing a claim to recover the money you’ve lost.  Find out how FairShake can help you.

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