How to Get Great TD Bank Customer Service

Fed up dealing with TD Bank customer service? You have legal options to get them to take your complaint seriously.

TD Bank is one of the largest banking corporations in the United States; as such, its customers frequently suffer when they have complaints or issues with the company. Today, let’s dive into how you can get excellent TD Bank customer service and where you can contact them.

Contact Methods for TD Bank


TD Bank has a customer service phone number you can call at 1-888-751-9000.


As with many banking services, TD Bank only responds to customer service inquiries over email if you use their online banking service and sign up for their secure messaging platform.

Social Media

TD Bank’s Facebook page is a great place to get customer service. They accept messages from their customers via the Facebook interface for rapid response.

Additionally, you can find TD Bank’s Twitter page and ask them for a response to your problem. Their customer service team checks both pages relatively frequently.


Sometimes, visiting a TD Bank’s physical location is the best way to get great customer service. You can use their store locator to find if there’s a physical location near your home.

What To Do So You Get the Best Customer Service Possible from TD Bank

  • First and foremost, we’d recommend getting a piece of paper and pen; you’ll want to record lots of things over the following customer service conversations
  • One of the big things you should write down is any relevant identification or account information that might be asked of you from your TD Bank representative
  • You should also write down the name and identification number of the representative you are connected to; this may help you if you need to refer back to the conversation at a later date
  • As you speak to the representative, regardless of channel, remain totally polite and calm even if they start to frustrate you. Chances are high that it’s not their fault that you are experiencing difficulties
  • If a certain representative doesn’t work out, we’d recommend asking to speak to a manager and recording their name and department information once they’re on the channel
  • Record any responses you get to your questions, especially if you’re complaints aren’t resolved to your satisfaction
  • Be sure to use the communication channel that best suits your purpose; for instance, visiting a TD Bank physical location is great if you need help with your savings account, while using one of their social media options might be better if you have a quick issue on the technical side of things

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