How Do I File a Phone Insurance Claim for Total Wireless?

If you’re experiencing problems with your Total Wireless service that aren’t covered by device insurance, you may still be able to claim compensation.

Are you having problems with your total Wireless cell phone? Has something been physically damaged or stopped working? Now you want to know how to file a phone insurance claim for Total Wireless. After all, you pay for insurance every month and now you want to use it.

We explain how to file your claim and what other options do you have if your claim is denied.

What company provides coverage for your wireless provider? 

If you bought phone insurance from Total Wireless, it came from a company called Service Net. You can file a phone insurance claim on their site first. 

What kinds of damages can you file a claim for? 

In order to file a phone insurance claim for Total Wireless either through the wireless provider directly or through the phone insurance provider, Service Net, the damages have to be something that falls under your policy. Each policy is going to be different based on what you signed up for so it’s important to check your insurance plan. The nice thing about phone insurance providers like Service Net is that you can verify whether the issue in question falls under your specific plan by logging into your account.

When you look at your terms for your insurance policy with Service Net you should be able to verify whether you have coverage for the issue in question. If, for example, the screen is broken, check to see if broken screens are covered. If instead, for example, the buttons have broken or aren’t working anymore, check to see if that falls under your particular policy.

Every policy is different, and the amount of money that the insurance provider will cover is based on the specific insurance plan you have taken out.

How do you start a claim? 

Service Net is very easy to use and navigate. When you log into your account with your email and your password you get access to view and to print the service plan you have. Bear in mind that at any point you can change this plan to something more substantial if your current coverage leaves you wanting.

Once you sign into your account you’ll also be able to use the quick drop-down menus to file a claim by entering the details of what happened, what the damages were, and what make and model you have. 

At that point they will review the claim. If they approve the claim they might offer to repair your existing phone or simply give you the money to replace the device yourself. Whatever instructions you are giving you need to make sure you adhere to them and provide any additional information they request within the timeframe it was requested so that your claim doesn’t get denied.

What do you do if the insurance company or wireless provider is denying your claim?

If you have tried to file a phone insurance claim for Total Wireless and it was denied by the insurance company or the wireless provider, you can try to sue Total Wireless in small claims court, or you can let us help you with an easier option called consumer arbitration.

At Fairshake we can help you file a claim. Rest assured we can help you with every step of your consumer arbitration claim. Check out our success stories.

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