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TracFone 5G is Slower than Promised?

Did your phone provider lie about 5G speeds and access? You may be able to claim compensation, and our team can help you.

Were you under the impression that you could have 5G coverage with TracFone but it is slower than promised? Here’s what you can do to get compensation. 

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What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of mobile networks, the latest and allegedly greatest. 5G Wireless technology is designed to increase availability across the United States while providing unprecedented high data speeds, with low latency. The more unified air interface is designed to have such high capacity that the next generation of users will be able to capitalize on any technology they want and connect any type of device without problems.

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TracFone and 5G

TracFone is one of the most well-known Mobile Virtual Network Operators or MVNO, serving as a Wireless Communications provider without network infrastructure owned by the company. This means that anyone who uses TracFone will, at any given time, be able to utilize cell towers from all three of the big providers including Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile depending on what is available in their area.

TracFone never officially launched 5G to date but there are plans for it to be available through the company in the future. Verizon Wireless made plans to acquire the company in 2021 which would include the acquisition of similar prepaid cell phone providers owned by TracFone. However, the FCC is still reviewing the acquisition to ensure the complex proposal meets approval requirements. 

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TracFone prices are based on the number of lines and the amount of data, but range between thirty and sixty dollars on average. 

What TracFone Promised

TracFone promises unbeatable nationwide coverage on their website. TracFone claims that they run “on the largest and most dependable networks in America”, leading customers to believe that they are potentially getting access to better more dependable networks than the leading cell carriers but in reality they are using those same towers.

Most of their promises have to do with their packages including no contracts, no activation fees or cancellation fees, unlimited carryover for any unused minutes, text, or data, and the ability to keep your own phone if you switch.

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The caveat here is that not every phone is compatible with 5G networks so if you were looking to utilize 5G, you would still have to purchase a phone through TracFone or on your own that has compatibility such as an iPhone 12 or a Samsung Galaxy. 

Theoretically if you have a compatible phone, given that you are using all the same towers, if you had a phone and lived in an area where there were 5G towers, you would be able to access the 5G networks.

The Reality of TracFone 5G

However, if you look at the prepaid plans weather monthly, annually, or based on the number of minutes you will see that they all say things like unlimited talk and text with data at 4G speeds. There are currently no TracFone plans that actually say they are at 5G speeds even if 5G is available where you are.

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One BBB customer noted the problems with getting 5G: 

Support is non-existent and there is no technical explanation of the problems and issues that a customer has!! My phone was compatible according to the Tracfone website and the phone manufacturer, but Tracfone couldn’t make it work. The I Phone my daughter has doesn’t have a SIM card and works with Tracfone while my Note 20 worked with a SIM card that was assigned to my old phone, but the staff at Tracfone was unable to get my phone to work on their network with a new SIM card because my phone was 5G capable even though it works well with 4G service!!! MY daughter’s iPhone is 5G, BUT works WITHOUT a SIM card on the Tracfone network!!!??? Don’t waste your time trying to make sense of Tracfone’s service or ability to make what they advertise work!!”

Bad Coverage

TracFone has not directly promised much in terms of 5G accessibility but they still promise great service and coverage because of their ability to use the different cell towers from all three of the main providers. If you look at the maps below you will see that 5G and even fast for G is really only available in certain places and if you live outside those places, if you paid for fast service, you still won’t get it but rest assured that track phone will take your money.

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Below is the coverage map for Verizon:

Map of Verizon 5G coverage

Below is the coverage map for AT&T:

AT&T Map of 5G Coverage

Below is the coverage map for T-Mobile:

T-Mobile Map of 5G Service

FairShake customers have noted issues with promises and reality being far apart as well. One FairShake customer explained succinctly, “When I’m told something. Upfront by a company. I want them to back that. No matter what. With no hidden agenda or no excessive fees.”

Confusing Upgrades

Many customers reported issues when it came to being told they should upgrade their phone or needed to upgrade their phone, believing that it was a requirement or that doing so would automatically give the customers 5G when in reality this was far from the truth. 

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One reviewer explained: “Like many people, I received a letter from Tracfone the end of 2019 telling me my LG phone was not compliant with the new 5G service and I would have to buy a new phone. I went on their website and bought another LG phone. They make a big deal telling you that it is very simple to transfer all your info from your old phone to your new phone. NOT TRUE!! The directions said to install the Transfer Wizard App on both phones and follow the steps. That app would install on my new phone but not on my old phone. So I tried different app – LG Switch. That app would install on my old phone but not the new phone.

Five days at a minimum of 4 hours each day and several calls to customer service and their tech dept, later, I decided to return the phone and go with a different service. But, returning the phone was just another nightmare. Their CS reps and techs do not speak English very well and the phone connection was so very poor it faded in and out, crackling, and disconnected three times. My frustration level is at its peak. As of now, I have not yet received a refund for the phone. I will never use Tracfone again.” 

What you can do if your 5G is slower than promised

It’s possible that you can get compensation from your phone company if your 5G service or device is not what was promised to you when you purchased it. Let our expert team help you submit a claim and win. Tell us what happened below.

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