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Trim: An Easy Way to Save Money On Bills

Many billing issues can be solved without having to start a legal claim. If your phone or internet bills have gone up after a promotion expired, you may be able to negotiate a lower rate.

In this case, your options are calling the company or using a personal finance assistant to do the work for you.

We like using the website Trim to see if any of our monthly bills are eligible for a lower rate. It can also detect and cancel your unused subscriptions on your behalf.

Trim | An Assistant That Saves You Money
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Trim conncts with the largest phone, cable, and internet companies, including:

How Trim Works

Negotiating Your Bills

Trim users can connect their phone and cable bills using their online accounts with their service provider. If you ask Trim to renegotiate your cable bills, they may be able to renew your contract at a lower rate. This is a good option if you are satisfied with your service and don’t plan on moving within the next year.

When Trim saves you money, they charge 33% of your annual savings for commission.

Canceling Subscriptions

First start by connecting a credit card or debit account. Trim scans your last 3 months of transactions to identify recurring subscription charges from merchants they recognize.

Once the subscriptions are identified, you can ask Trim to cancel it on your behalf. This service is free and can be useful to identify long-forgotten subscriptions.

How much does Trim cost?

Cancel SubscriptionsFree
Telecom Bill Negotiation33% of annual savings
(only if they succeed)
Bank Fees & APR Negotiation
(Trim Premium)
Trim Savings Plan$2/month or free
with Trim Premium

To get started with Trim, visit

We earn a small commission if you click this link and sign up at no additional cost to you.

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