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SunTrust is a big banking service that does a lot right, but its customer service often falls victim to the same problems that other big institutions experience. It can be confusing to get to an honest conversation with one of their reps. Today, let’s dive into how you can get great customer service from SunTrust and look at the variety of methods by which you can contact them.

Contact Methods for SunTrust Bank


SunTrust has a phone number you can call for rapid customer service; it’s 1-800-786-8787.


SunTrust does not have an email address everyone can use; instead, you need to sign up for their online banking service. You can use this service to send a secure message to a customer service representative.

Social Media

SunTrust runs a constantly updated Facebook account. Though their customer service representatives don’t always view the comments, it may be a way to get more attention for your issue if you comment quickly on a relevant post.


Visiting a physical SunTrust location is always possible. You can determine if a branch or representative is in your community or state using their locator tool.

What To Do So You Get the Best Customer Service Possible from SunTrust Bank

  • To start, get all your account information in order and have it in front of you before you start your call or write your email. The customer service representative will probably ask for this information to verify your identity
  • It might help to have your question or complaint written down beforehand so you don’t stumble over your words
  • Be specific about your complaints and make sure that you contact/are routed to the correct customer service department for your needs. For instance, online banking questions should almost always be funneled to SunTrust’s secure messaging service, which you can access from their website
  • Speaking of writing, keep a notepad and pen handy so you can write down any numbers the representative gives you and record their responses
  • Feel free to bump up the conversation to their supervisor or manager if the current representative can’t adequately handle your needs
  • Remain cordial and polite throughout the entire conversation; getting mad at the customer service representative or their manager does nothing to help your case. Remember, customer service reps aren’t usually out to get you, even when it seems like the opposite
  • You could try speaking to a representative from several different customer service avenues and compare the answers using your notepad. If the answers are all the same, it’s likely that your issues are with company policy and not with the customer service rep themselves

Still Need Help with SunTrust Bank?

If all else fails and you haven’t received the customer service you deserve from SunTrust, you may need to turn to another option to get resolution. You can file a small claims lawsuit against SunTrust or pursue arbitration. Tell us what happened below.

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