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How to File a Complaint Against Uber Eats

Learn your options when it comes to getting your voice heard and making Uber Eats pay

Trying to fight a large corporation when they violate your contract or your user agreement can be frustrating. Organizations like Uber Eats can feel so large and disconnected that you don’t know where to turn or what options you have to file a complaint against Uber Eats. 

The fine print of your user agreement makes it clear that you cannot file a class action lawsuit against them nor can you join an existing class action lawsuit for issues like misleading sales tactics or the service not being what you expected. Thankfully, there are other ways to file a complaint against Uber Eats.

Learn about the Ways to File a Claim against Uber Eats

File a Claim against Uber Eats in Small Claims Court

What is it? This is a legal case against Uber Eats in small claims court. The language in your user agreement usually states that you are not allowed to join class action lawsuits, so suing in small claims court might be your only legal option.

When to try it: If you want to make your claim against Uber Eats public, and you have the time and money to go back and forth to your local court, suing in small claims court is a powerful legal tool.

What you need to do: Follow the steps laid out here in FairShake’s Guide to Sue Uber Eats in Small Claims Court.

What to expect: If you follow all the steps and have a good case against Uber Eats, there’s a high chance you’ll receive compensation. The only downside is state laws limit how much you can win in small claims cases to just $10,000.

File a Claim against Uber Eats with your Credit Card Provider

What is it? When you purchase something, the company from whom you make that purchase and the credit card or debit card you use constitutes a legally binding agreement whereby all parties involved have to follow certain rules. So, if you make a purchase from Uber Eats for a specific transaction amount, and they charge you more than that, you can file a dispute for that charge with your credit card provider. Your banking companies all have a procedure that allows you to dispute certain types of charges.

When to try it: If you paid for something with Uber Eats and your issue is with a one-time transaction, you can file a claim with your credit card provider against Uber Eats.

What you need to do: Most companies let you log in online and dispute a charge in a matter of a few minutes. There should be information or a specific section dedicated to fraud and transaction disputes. Each company lays out specific steps for identifying the charge, providing any evidence, and submitting a dispute for review.

What to expect:  As soon as you initiate a claim against Uber Eats with your credit card provider they will likely remove the charge from your build while they undergo an evaluation. They will look at the evidence you have provided, they might ask for more information, and they might contact Uber Eats regarding the issue.

File a Better Business Bureau Complaint against Uber Eats

What is it? The Better Business Bureau or BBB, is a private organization that publishes consumer complaints against a variety of companies including ubereats. This organization allows businesses the opportunity to respond to each of these consumer complaints as well.

When to try it: When Uber Eats’ BBB page shows they are actively responding to consumers, you will likely have the biggest chance of getting a response yourself. You can choose to regularly monitor their Better Business Bureau page and check for recent responses to customer complaints or you can simply post a complaint against Uber Eats at any time if you just want to publicize the unethical business practices implemented by the company. 

What you need to do: Go to Uber Eats’ BBB profile and follow the instructions for submitting a complaint.

What to expect: The outcome is entirely dependent on whether Uber Eats decides to respond to you. There is nothing that requires them to respond to you let alone offer compensation or a resolution.

File a Complaint Against Uber Eats through Binding Arbitration

What is it? You might recall that the small print of your Uber Eats contract does not let you file a class action lawsuit. However, it does let you use a binding resolution called consumer arbitration. Consumer arbitration costs Uber Eats money so once you start the process they are more likely to settle the claim early on in order to limit the money they have to pay out. 

When to try it: If you believe that Uber Eats recently misled you, violated their contract or agreement, or violated the law you can use binding arbitration. In most cases with binding arbitration you have a specific goal that you want to achieve, a way that the company can compensate you or make up for what they did.

What you need to do: Fill out our form below, to start your claim against Uber Eats .

What to expect: For more details about arbitration, click here. You can also start your claim below and let FairShake help!

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