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Are Lawsuits Allowed against UberEats?

The answer to this question is not an easy one. As is the case with many service providers, UberEats tries its best to make sure that the company’s best interests are taken into consideration. When you agree to use the service, the agreement typically includes language that prevents you from suing the company in almost all types of courts. However, you still have the option to take your complaint to a small claims court order, or to file a claim against the company through consumer arbitration.  Consumer arbitration is typically the better option, and it’s the option that FairShake specializes in handling for consumers.

What is a class action lawsuit?

A class action lawsuit is a type of lawsuit that brings together a group of people that all have the same complaint. However, even though there are class action lawsuits against UberEats, if you are a customer, you don’t typically have the option to file a class action lawsuit let alone join an existing lawsuit. That is because your contract has specific language that prevents you from getting involved.

Here at Fair Shake, we’re changing the way the legal process works. Most of the complaints against UberEats are the same and many customers have the same questions about their legal options. Rather than trying to join a class action lawsuit, which usually isn’t possible, we’ve found a way to help. We file a personalized legal document with UberEats and help guide you through the process of consumer arbitration.

As an UberEats Customer, What Options Do I Have for a Lawsuit?

There are a lot of ways that you can make a claim against the company that include fighting a financial charge with your bank or credit card company, or filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). In terms of legal options you have one of two paths to take:

  1. The first is to sue the company in small claims court. You have to attend a court hearing, substantiate your claim, and pay legal fees.
  2. The second option is to do everything from home with our help. Consumer arbitration is a process that’s laid out in your contract with UberEats, and it’s something you should do in place of a lawsuit. This lets you argue your case before an independent arbitrator who works just like a judge. The arbitrator can force the company to fix the problem and give you the compensation you deserve. We at Fair Shake help you by making the process simple and convenient.

Recent and Notable UberEats Lawsuits

Couriers file class action lawsuit against UberEats in Florida

UberEats is not immune to the wide range of class action lawsuits that are filed by couriers. In Florida, a recent class action lawsuit alleges the company incorrectly classified delivery partners as independent contractors and not employees.

From Post & Parcel:

An UberEATS courier has filed a class action lawsuit in Tampa, Florida, alleging that the company has been “misclassifying” its delivery partners as contractors. In the documentation filed with the Court on Tuesday (24 January), the plaintiff said he is “challenging UberEATS uniform policy of willfully misclassifying its delivery partners as independent contractors when, in fact, each such deliver partner is and/or was an employee of UberEATS.”

Uber has already had to deal with misclassification complaints from drivers on the ride-hailing side of its operations, but this is thought to be the first instance of a misclassification claim from an UberEATS delivery partner.

UberEast couriers in Australia take the company to court

Former employees announced the filing of a lawsuit against the company for exploitation and unfair dismissals. Some of the food delivery drivers noted the total payment for services amounted to roughly 1/5 of the legal minimum wage.

From ZDnet:

Uber has joined the likes of Foodora and Deliveroo in becoming embattled with lawsuits from Australian food delivery drivers.

On Monday, two former UberEats drivers from Adelaide announced that they have filed a lawsuit against the ride-sharing giant for allegedly being dismissed unfairly and exploited. 

The lawsuit is an appeal to a decision made by the Fair Work Commission last month, which found the drivers were not employees and therefore not entitled to unfair dismissal claims.

“Uber welcomed the Fair Work Commission’s decision on this matter, it reflected what delivery partners tell us — that they value the freedom and flexibility the Uber app provides,” an Uber spokesperson told ZDNet.

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