Can I get a refund from Uber Eats?

Need help getting the UberEats refund you’re owed? You may have legal options

Have you recently ordered something from Uber Eats and maybe there was a problem with delivery or with the order entirely? Did you get charged for something you don’t think you should have? If so, you aren’t the only one. And now you might be wondering whether you can get a refund from Uber Eats?

The company has pretty flexible refund policies that are all clearly laid out in the help section. if something’s wrong, missing, there is a delivery issue, they will refund everything depending on how severe the problem was.


You can cancel your order without having to go through customer support but you might face a charge. Once you verify the reason you’re canceling and complete the cancellation through your app, you shouldn’t need a refund because you won’t be charged assuming the order was canceled within the appropriate window. But there might still be an issue where you deserve a refund because you were charged even though you canceled. 

The company only guarantees a refund if you cancel before the restaurant has accepted the order you place. If the restaurant has already accepted the order, you can’t get a refund. 

Delivery Problems

Their terms stipulate that if a delivery partner is matched to your order and your tracking them on the app but maybe they never arrived or they simply take way too long to get there, you might be able to get a refund but they do ask that you contact customer service through the app so that it’s linked to the order in question. If they try to deliver and contacted you but you weren’t there, you still get charged for the order and they won’t issue a refund.

Issues with Order

If you had an issue with your order, the item you ordered was different from what was delivered to you, or there was an item in your order that was missing, Uber Eats will refund you. according to their help section they will refund you the sales price of your item including any tax or vat at the time that your order was placed. If the entire order is incorrect, you get refunded the sales price of your entire order as well as the taxes and delivery fees. This, again, only applies to situations where you didn’t receive an item you paid for, you did receive an item you paid for but it wasn’t what you ordered, or you received the entire order that wasn’t yours or simply wasn’t right. 

What happens if they don’t issue a refund I deserve? 

There might be situations where Uber Eats simply isn’t giving you a refund. Maybe you’ve followed the steps they lay out for reaching out to customer service and getting a refund and the company simply hasn’t gotten back to you. If they don’t issue the refund that you deserve, you do have other options.

Consumer arbitration is one such option. With our help you can reach out to Uber Eats and see what remaining options you have to get the refund you deserve. Consumer arbitration is a legal Solution that’s laid out in your user agreement with the company and it offers you the option of using an independent party to review the situation and potentially force the company to give you a refund. We can help.

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