Common Complaints Against Uber

What complaints do people like you have against Uber? And what can you do about them?

Especially in big cities, many people rely on ride sharing, on-demand transportation services like Uber to get around. Uber’s services are ideal for business travel, tourism, and even responsibly enjoying a night out on the town with a reliable designated driver.

Unfortunately, Uber has been the target of a slew of complaints and lawsuits focused on the company’s failure to provide protections and good service to both riders and drivers contracted with the company. 

In fact, there are numerous lawsuits that are being fought out in the courtroom today or have been recently addressed against Uber. One settlement paid out $20 million to nearly 15,000 drivers for miles driven and deactivation as independent contractors for the company. Another lawsuit by Uber against the State of California challenges protections that California has put in place to the benefit of gig workers. Many of these workers are not afforded the same rights and benefits as regular employees, making them more susceptible to bad situations. Another lawsuit against Uber alleges that Uber incorrectly deducted taxes from drivers in New York and charged riders more without telling them.

If you have had an issue with Uber — whether you have experienced the issue as a rider or driver for the company — you deserve to have your issue addressed. Big companies like Uber need to step up and do the right thing when mistakes are made. It is all too often the case, however, that Uber denies people the justice they deserve.

Nearly 5,000 consumer complaints are on the record with the Better Business Bureau against Uber. Many of them fall within the following categories:

Problems with a service

  • Inability to update vital portions of a rider profile on the Uber app.
  • Unprofessional and rude drivers.
  • Dangerous drivers.
  • Inability to book a trip.
  • Driver not showing up with cancellation fee.
  • Hacked account resulting in charges.
  • Dropped off at incorrect locations.
  • Allowing minors to create account and book rides without an adult’s consent.

Billing and collections

  • Credit card declined and locked when card worked for other services.
  • Account charged multiple times for the same ride.
  • Mysterious fees taken out and not refunded.
  • No information for riders on surge pricing.
  • Issuing incorrect cleaning fees.
  • Toll fees mistakenly charged to rider’s account.

Advertising and sales

  • Inability to redeem voucher.
  • Inability to use advertised discount on rides.
  • False advertisement on estimated fare for ride.
  • Not honoring bonus payment for new drivers.

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