How to Contact Uber

There’s more than one way to contact Uber. And if they don’t listen you have options…

Uber is a multinational online transportation network that has really revolutionized the taxi Market by using a mobile app so consumers are able to request rides and then monitor the drivers making their way to their location via their smartphone.

Still, they have their fair share of Uber customer complaints.

Maybe you have a problem with Uber, they charged you too much or they misled you, or they’re not giving you a refund that they promised to give. Like so many others you need to know how to contact them and how to get them to listen to your complaints.

You can start with the basics. Their main office address is:

1455 Market St 4th Fl Suite 400

San Francisco, CA 94103


With an app-based service like this there are a few steps you should take in order to get the fastest customer support service and get a response from a person.

  1. First, use the application on your smartphone. That is the first and easiest way to make sure your complaint is logged with the company so they know something’s wrong. The company does encourage you to contact them via the app on your phone because that is linked to all of your account details and it’s a much faster way to reach out to them. Once your matter has been directed they do ask that you give no 24 hours to respond.
  2. Second, you can contact their support page on the actual website. Again it’s usually better to log in with your account so that the company can associate your account details with the problem, and that usually makes it easier since most people who have a complaint, have an account associated with it. You certainly wouldn’t have an issue with them overcharging you if you didn’t already sign up for their service.

How do I contact a real person at Uber for help?

However, if you’re looking to contact Uber, you’ve probably already tried these options and now you want a real person who can do something for you legitimately. So what are your options now?

  1. Visit the Uber support local office hours. Uber offers in-person support centers across the country called Greenlight centers but they are only available in major cities like San Francisco, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Diego, Boston, Miami, and others. You can use the contact Uber button on the app or website to find a Greenlight spot in your area.
  2. Contact them on social media. Twitter (@Uber_support) and Facebook are pretty fast especially if you have a very specific question or issue.

*They do have an emergency hotline number 800-353-UBER, but that is intended only for drivers and customers who have an immediate emergency and need safety-related assistance. This is not a number you should call for customer service issues.

If that doesn’t work and you still need solutions, you can try the Executive Contacts:

Primary Contact

Josh Butler

Head of Sales and Customer Success | Uber

1455 Market St 4th Fl

San Francisco, CA 94103


How do I contact Uber with a legal complaint?

When customer service isn’t able to solve your issue, the next way to contact them is to start a legal process. While you can’t join things like class action Uber lawsuits, you can learn how to sue Uber in small claims court. A lot of dissatisfied Uber customers have taken that next step. If you want to contact Uber to start a legal process, there are two ways you can do it:

Start small claims court proceedings by contacting Uber at their legal address

Sending a demand letter to contact Uber at their legal address is the first step you need to take before you visit a courthouse to start a small claims process. This can get customers what they want but it does take a little bit of navigation and some complicated legal proceedings.

Demand consumer arbitration from Uber under your Uber contract

Arbitration is one form of dispute resolution that allows you to bring your dispute with Uber to an independent arbitrator. Most contracts are written to avoid regular class action lawsuits in a standard court so the consumer arbitration is your only option.

To initiate arbitration, the first step is to contact Uber at their legal address with a legal notice. Contacting Uber to initiate arbitration can sometimes get them to act, and customers who have more severe complaints against the company tend to get compensation sooner rather than later.

If you want to contact Uber with a legal notice or with your consumer arbitration complaints, we can help.

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