When Uber customer service fails

How to Make the Uber Corporate Office Listen

A legal option that can get Uber to listen — and get you compensated.

It is easy to feel like you are fighting a losing battle especially when such a large company is involved and they don’t follow through on their promises.

Man upsetIt’s even worse when that lack of follow-through is a mistake on their behalf and a mistake that cost you money. When you use different transportation apps, even if you didn’t make the mistake, your user agreement usually means that companies like this automatically take the money out of your account and charge you and then you have to fight to get it back.

Phone calls with employees, assuming you can get connected to one, doesn’t normally fix the problem because they don’t have the power to fix it. And this is just as frustrating as the mistake in the first place. Sending email complaints seems to go nowhere. Requests to speak with someone higher up who could potentially fix the problem usually get ignored. Even if they aren’t, they might tell you that everything will be fixed and then it never is.

So what can you do other than feel like a chump who was taken advantage of?

Use Arbitration to Settle Your Complaint

Doing business with such a large company can leave you feeling very powerless especially when there doesn’t seem to be any strict chain of command or anyone in charge with whom you can speak. Even services like Uber have contracts that try and prevent you from taking legal action. They usually include something in the contract that’s called a forced arbitration Clause. This means that you’re not allowed to take them to regular court if something goes wrong.

And for a lot of people even a seemingly small app like Uber might be the only affordable and available method of transportation around your city even if you know they have bad customer service or an unresponsive staff.

Thankfully you can use arbitration as a great way to get a satisfactory solution to your problem with the company without having to sue them. This is great because it appoints an impartial arbitrator, someone who’s familiar with the situation and will look at both sides equally. The decision they make is binding, too, which means that the company no longer controls the outcome.

Arbitration is Fair, Just, Reasonable, and Transparent

Arbitrations handled by the American Arbitration Association® is an option which complies with the Statement of Principles of the Consumer Due Process Protocol, which means:

  • The process needs to be fundamentally fair for everyone involved, yourself included, and that means everyone should have a fair appointment of an impartial, competent, and qualified arbitrator who conducts fair hearings.
  • A reasonable standard is applied, and this means you all get access to relevant information, a good time for the hearing, a good location, and affordable cost.
  • The transparency standard means the arbitration agreements have to be clear, easy to understand, and include all the necessary information and provide you and the other party with the ability to hire representation.
  • An alternative to arbitration, which takes the form of small claims court and, in some cases, mediation, has to be available to you, if you choose it.
  • The process should be just, fair, and allow the arbitrator to award you the same outcome you could get in the courtroom, an award which is a legally binding decision.

Arbitration Gives You Leverage

Once you notify the company that you are going to pursue arbitration, they know immediately that they are going to be on the hook for more money than they expected. Firstly, they might have to pay out whatever it is they owe you and secondly they might have to pay for the process of arbitration. As soon as the accounting department gets wind of these additional costs, they become much more willing to meet your demands as long as your demands are reasonable.

If they are still unwilling though, you have the option of a reasonable, fair, and transparent hearing without having to spend any money. Our FairShake process will help you file for arbitration. It won’t cost you anything unless you win.

Leverage Leads to Faster Settlements

After you start your arbitration process, you remove any advantage that the company had. Now you are on equal footing because the neutral arbitrator examines both sides of the issue without any bias. The first step to giving you the necessary leverage to solve your complaint is to formally raise the issue with the company.

At FairShake we help you do this. We send a demand letter to the corporate office to start the process of resolving your case before you file arbitration. This process starts the clock on how long they have to make a reasonable offer to solve the issue. Usually that’s 30 days but your user agreement with the company could stipulate a different amount of time. Either way, roughly half of companies will make you an acceptable settlement offer during this time frame and then the issue is resolved without ever needing arbitration. But if they do not give you a reasonable settlement, the next step is to file the case with the American Arbitration Association. FairShake will put together all the official arbitration paperwork for you and guide you through the next steps.

Do I Need an Attorney?

If you take your case to arbitration, you have the option of hiring an attorney. In legal terms, if you decide not to, you are bringing your claim “pro se”. If you decide that you want to go forward without an attorney, check out some information from The American Arbitration Association’s Pro Se Case Administration Team.

There are lots of common complaints people have with Uber that fall under specific laws. The more specific, the easier it is to get high compensation on your own. However, for things that are a bit more complicated, such as illegal use of robocalls, something that violates a federal law, it might be in your best interest to have an attorney there to help you maximize the potential value of your claim.

What can I do next?

Start by telling us about your issue with Uber. With FairShake, we take away the frustration of trying to work with such a large service provider. We help you get a solution and we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your service, you don’t owe us anything.

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