The most common consumer complaints

Complaints Against US Bank

Want to know what customers find most frustrating about US Bank? We explore the most common complaints against US Bank and what you can do when you are facing these same situations.

Have you incurred excessive overdraft fees even though you had overdraft protection?  Were you denied funds from a US Bank ATM only to be charged a “denial” fee? Have you reported fraudulent transactions to US Bank that were never resolved?  Was your checking account or credit card blocked for no reason? Are you frustrated with the lack of help that customer service provides when you are trying to fix a problem?  If this sounds like your situation, you aren’t alone.

US Bank provides a variety of services to individuals and business owners such as checking and savings accounts, credit cards, loans and mortgages, and retirement services.  While they provide a wide variety of services, customers often experience frustration when working with US Bank. Customers have filed 1,884 complaints with the Better Business Bureau over the past three years.  Some of the top grievances that US Bank customers report include;

  1. High overdraft and other fees
  2. Fraudulent transactions
  3. Lack of customer service

High Fees

One of the most common complaints of US Bank customers is around overdraft fees.  Many have echoed the sentiments of one customer, “Double and triple over draft fees.”

Customers report that they sign up for overdraft protection to prevent their checking account to go into the negative.  Even though US Bank rejects the charge, it still records an overdraft fee even though nothing was paid out.

Customers also report excessive late or other fees.  Most notably, customers that are unable to withdraw funds from an ATM may be charged an ATM denial fee.  Customers also complain about being charged fees on transactions that they’ve disputed. In some cases, their dispute is reversed at a later date.  However, when these items are added back to their account, they are often charged late fees as a result.

Fraudulent Transactions

Customers report similar frustrations when disputing fraudulent charges.  While US Bank is fairly responsive when dealing with fraudulent charges, customers experience problems when they don’t receive the necessary paperwork to complete their fraudulent claim or are unaware that it needs to be returned.  This can result in the charge being added back to a customer’s account without their knowledge potentially causing the customer to overdraw their account or incur late charges.

In other cases, customers are unable to provide the proof requested to dispute the fraudulent charge.  Duplicate ATM withdrawals, unauthorized access, and fake credit cards are common fraudulent claims that customers may not have proof to dispute which may ultimately result in a customer being charged.

One extreme case shows how far fraud can complicate things:

“I have been the victim of identify theft in the past (meaning that my social security number has been distributed somewhere on the dark web). I have had ongoing fraud issues with US Bank for years, and yet the ONLY questions their agents can ever ask me are (1) what my social security number is (2) what my mother’s maiden name is, and (3) my birthdate. This has resulted in my address being changed and a new ATM cards and checks being sent to addresses all over America (that are not mine) and the withdrawal of thousands of dollars of money….I’ve spent over 300 hours in the last two years trying to CLOSE my accounts, but due to the ongoing fraud and completely inept customer service, I have not been close them. I’m now in a position where I’ve been waiting five months for a fraud investigation to close, and in the middle of that investigation, the bank somehow reported my lack of payment on a fraudulent transaction – that I was assured was being taken care of — to a credit bureau. A different branch manager that I’ve been dealing with assured me that she would dispute this report and it would be taken off my credit report. I just learned that the dispute was denied, and I apparently owe $5,000? Truly incredible. Seeking legal representation for the above because I simply can’t invest any more time into this, and my credit is now being destroyed.”

Lack of Customer Service

A top complaint by customers is the poor service that they receive when they call in with problems.  Agents are either unable to help or are unwilling to do so. Customers who report that their accounts have been blocked are often told by customer service that they are unable to resolve the issue unless the customer visits the local branch.

As one customer stated:

I just got off the phone after waiting over 5 hours on US Banks customer support line and have received no contact with a CSR. I even tried calling at 2am and finally had enough after 7:30 AM EST. My bank account is locked due to them sending me a new card for security reasons however in order to get it unlocked It says to call the number on back of the card. There is no way I can sit on a phone again for 5 hours waiting to get help, because I have things that I need to do other then sitting on the phone. There is no way to contact the bank customer support any other way but phone and nobody can get through. My money is locked in my account and I have no access to it, and no way to contact this bank to fix it and honestly at my wit’s end with it.”

For customers that do not have a local US Bank branch in their city, this can mean traveling a far distance to resolve the issue. In other cases, customers report that they often wait on hold for extended periods of time or are switched between departments.  Promised phone calls from managers or supervisors are typically not received, leaving customers frustrated as they are unable to access their accounts or have incurred high fees.


If you have tried to resolve your US Bank problem with excessive or unfair fees, fraudulent transactions, or have had your accounts blocked with no explanation without any luck, you may have another option.  FairShake helps frustrated customers who have tried to fix a problem with their US Bank credit cards, bank accounts, or loans without success. If you have been impacted financially by US Bank’s inability to resolve your problem, we may be able to help you file a claim to recover your money.  Learn how FairShake can help you.

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