Complaints Against Verizon Fios

Learn the complaints people have against Verizon Fios, and what you can do about yours…

Verizon Fios is one of the most complete telecommunications packages you can find, bundling television, telephone, and Internet access into a single network. As a result, the company has rapidly expanded to serve over 5 million customers across nine US states. However, many of those customers have found that Verizon Fios’ service leaves a lot to be desired.

Over the past three years, the Better Business Bureau has recorded over 7000 separate complaints against Verizon Fios. Many of these complaints have common pain points or themes – here they are so you can see if your complaint is among them. If so, FairShake may be able to help.

Monthly Bills Are Raised Frequently

A startlingly common complaint about Verizon Fios involved customers seeing sharp upticks in their monthly bill. This is actually a common complete for most big telecommunications companies, although such price hikes are usually accompanied by added products or services not asked for.

However, this is a separate issue – many customers discovered that Verizon Fios was raising their bill by a few dollars every month or even every week without notifying them. When they pressed the issue, Verizon Fios customer representatives often cited their agreement and the right they had to raise prices due to increasing upkeep costs.

As you can imagine, this didn’t fly for most customers, and nor should it. It’s clear from the sheer number of these complaints that randomly raised bills are a huge concern for anyone getting telecommunication services from Verizon Fios.

Promotions Are Not Honored

Another huge complaint that you can see scattered amongst all the BBB reports is that many customer service reps from Verizon Fios don’t honor the promotions that customers bring to their attention. Whether this is a result of the reps not knowing about the promotions or higher-ups not allowing them to fulfill them isn’t quite known, but it’s ultimately irrelevant.

Consider the case of a customer that wanted to take advantage of a free Disney+ subscription for a year provided they picked an eligible Verizon Fios plan. When the customer didn’t get access to the streaming service, they called a Verizon Fios customer service rep to clarify and get the issue resolved.

When the rep advised them to cancel the service and re-sign up to qualify, the customer pointed out that the terms of the promotion did not specify that only new customers could take advantage. But this wasn’t enough.

This thread can be seen repeated throughout other complaints on the BBB. It’s clear that whoever writes the promotional material for Verizon Fios isn’t always accurate with internal memos, creating significant strife between the company and its customers. Regardless, it’s poor form not to honor promotions and keep your customers happy.

Canceling is a Pain

Many Verizon Fios customers also report on the BBB that trying to cancel their subscription is a huge pain. This is pretty common for big subscription services in general, but it’s particularly egregious here.

For instance, one customer called to cancel at the end of the current billing period. Although the customer paid their bill as usual, and their service was technically canceled, they found that they were charged for additional services even though they were not receiving anything from Verizon Fios at that time.

Other customers report that the early termination fees are too high or obnoxious. While early termination fees are commonplace, some Verizon Fios customers had early termination fees levied against them even though they canceled at the appropriate time and after calling to discuss the issue.

One unfortunate customer found that, although they properly canceled their Verizon Fios service, the cancellation didn’t go through internally and they were still charged an early termination fee and other costs. The rep they spoke to next indicated that the previous rep may have dropped the ball or otherwise misinform the customer about the cancellation policy and associated charges.

Customers Are Billed for Services They Don’t Use

Perhaps the most egregious customer complaint about Verizon Fios is the tendency for the company to charge customers for services they didn’t sign up for or wanted to use. It’s not uncommon (though it is unfortunate) for companies to raise the prices of their subscription services from time to time. But it’s basically illegal for companies to just add items to someone’s bill without asking!

Nevertheless, there are plenty of incidences on the BBB indicating that customers routinely have to contact Verizon Fios about items on their bill that they didn’t ask for. This results in a lot of time being spent talking to customer service reps and trying to get the extra charges removed.

Furthermore, many Verizon Fios reps attempt to get customers to keep the service or product that they didn’t want in the first place. This is a blatantly manipulative practice and very frustrating to deal with. It’s no wonder that this particular complaint makes up tons of the issues you can find on the BBB.

Ultimately, it goes to show that Verizon Fios:

  • doesn’t particularly care about it customers
  • wants to milk its customers for as much money as possible
  • either doesn’t train its reps very well or tells them to drag service proceedings on for as long as possible

Complaints Being Ignored? Here’s What You Can Do

All of these complaints and more are frequently ignored by companies like Verizon Fios. But if this is the case for you, the fight isn’t over: it’s just begun. With FairShake, you might be able to pursue consumer arbitration or a lawsuit in small claims court despite what your contract with Verizon Fios claims.

The fact is, we have the expertise and the industry knowledge to help you get an appropriate resolution for your complaint against Verizon Fios. Best of all, filing a report with one of us and getting in touch with one of our agents only takes a few minutes. You can start by using the form below. Let FairShake help you the best way we can – we’re ready and able to start right now!

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