How to File an Insurance Claim with Verizon Fios

If you are having problems with your Verizon Fios service, problems which aren’t covered by device Insurance, you can still potentially claim compensation. Tell us what took place and our experts will tell you what options you have.

Large companies like Verizon Fios and other telecommunications equipment and service providers frequently offer insurance coverage for their customers. These insurance policies allow you to repair or replace your device in the event that your current device is lost, stolen, or damaged, and theoretically at no extra charge.

However, filing a claim with Verizon Fios can be tricky if you don’t know where to start or if the customer service reps give you the runaround. This guide will break down all the steps you need to file an insurance claim with Verizon Fios, plus give you some alternatives if your claims process isn’t fulfilled on their end.

Where Does Your Coverage Come From?

Like a majority of telecommunications and tech companies, Verizon Fios provides insurance benefits for their customers through Asurion: a third-party insurer. This means that attempting to contact Verizon Fios directly for an insurance claim is a waste of time.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the insurance is worthless. On the contrary, the available insurance plans from Verizon Fios cover a lot of potential mishaps and damage. The trick is determining whether you have any of the plans already since the claims you can file for are determined by your coverage level.

What Damages Can You File For?

The most basic type of insurance is Wireless Phone Protection, which covers the replacement of mobile devices if they’re lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair. Verizon Fios and Asurion only bother with repairs when it comes to cracked screens, and they’ll determine if the effort is worthwhile during the claims process. You can complete repairs with the help of a remote technician, through a mail-in process, or by taking your phone to an authorized repair location.

Total Mobile Protection covers the previous stuff, as well as includes technical support for a single device, plus support for any of the accessories that come with it. This also covers mechanical or electrical defects in the event that the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Total Mobile Protection Multi-Device is essentially the same thing but covers up to three devices or phone lines on your account. You can go up to seven lines or devices total for additional monthly fees.

Lastly, Total Equipment Coverage combines all of the above benefits but also covers the deductibles for electronic malfunctions and manufacturers’ defects.

How Do You Start an Insurance Claim?

Fortunately, starting an insurance claim is fairly easy with Verizon Fios since there are three ways in total.

The first is filing a claim on Asurion’s website. This process is fairly standard; you’ll head to the main website, fill in some basic identifying information, and some information about the phone you’re referring to for the claim, then be connected to chat-based representatives so they can gather more information. If everything checks out, you’ll be given instructions on how best to send your phone in for repair or be informed that your new phone will be on the way shortly.

You can alternatively call Asurion using their insurance claim phone number. This number is 888-881-2622. This process is essentially the same as the online method, though you’ll be speaking face-to-face instead of with someone over a chatbox.

The last and most innovative insurance filing method is through the My Verizon app. This app comes by default with all Verizon Fios phones and devices, so you should have access to it without much trouble.

  • After opening the app, tap the “menu” icon in the top left corner of the screen
  • Next, tap “devices”
  • Then scroll down to whatever device is lost, damaged, or stolen. There should be a button called “manage device”
  • Then you tap the “Lost, stolen, or damaged device? Start a claim” button, and you’ll be rerouted to the insurance claim screen
  • All you have to do at this point is enter in some requested information and follow all the on-screen prompts

The last method is by far the easiest since it holds your hand through the entire process. Of course, this may not be possible if you only have a single Verizon Fios phone and it’s either no longer in your possession or broken such that you can’t use the screen. In this case, the other two options will be a better choice.

What Do You Do If the Insurance Company or Verizon Fios is Denying Your Claim?

Even in the best-case scenario, in which you fill out all of your insurance claim information properly and follow the procedures, Verizon Fios or their insurance provider may still deny your claim. There are a few different reasons for this:

  • the company may be trying to save money by refusing to fulfill insurance claims, even if they’re legitimate
  • the customer service reps in charge of handling your claim information might make a mistake and come to an incorrect conclusion

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter why your claim isn’t processed: you had an agreement with Verizon Fios and they decided not to follow through. You might think that your case is hopeless, but there’s hope yet!

In fact, with FairShake, you might be able to get an even better deal than before. We can help you push back against Verizon Fios and Asurion through consumer arbitration. Although your contract with Verizon Fios likely has a clause stipulating that you can’t take them to court, consumer arbitration doesn’t qualify under these restrictions.

That means you can use a neutral mediator to enforce legally binding actions against Verizon Fios. They may be forced to replace your damaged or stolen device and may even be forced to pay additional compensation for your trouble.

At FairShake, we have the legal expertise and the understanding of the entire process to help you with a consumer arbitration case no matter how tough the situation looks. Plus, you won’t owe us a dime until you get a resolution you’re satisfied with.

You can start the consumer arbitration process with us right away by filling out the form below. Let’s get started!

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