Would a Verizon Fios Lawsuit Help You?

Your contract with Verizon Fios may limit your ability to sue. Arbitration is often cheaper and faster than small claims court, and FairShake makes the process as easy as possible.

Verizon Fios is the Internet, telephone, and television provider underneath the broader Verizon company. As such, millions of Americans turn to them for a variety of products and services. But many of those customers end up disappointed, particularly when Verizon Fios engages in bad business practices.

For instance, Verizon Fios is just one of many companies that are known to levy strange or misleading charges against its customers. In other circumstances, they might make it hard to cancel your account. Whatever your issue, you’ve likely already discovered that it’s hard to press a lawsuit against Verizon Fios because of certain clauses in your contract with them.

However, you do have options. Specifically, you can:

  • Take Verizon Fios to small claims court. This technically doesn’t violate the clause in the aforementioned contract in most cases, although whether or not your claim qualifies can get complicated
  • Take Verizon Fios to consumer arbitration. This legally binding session relies on the mediation of a third-party and neutral arbitrator. FairShake was created to help with these kinds of cases and can assist you in any legal action against Verizon Fios

What Does Verizon Fios Do Wrong?

Trying to nail down exactly what Verizon Fios does wrong is tricky, especially since thousands of customers levy complaints against them every year. But the Better Business Bureau breaks down those complaints by category. As you can see, most customers complain about your products or services or the billing and collections departments for this company, and almost equally! Advertising and sales isn’t far behind (likely because of misleading promotions or sales tactics).

  • Advertising/Sales: 6%
  • Billing/Collections: 46.1%
  • Delivery Issues: 1.9%
  • Guarantee/Warranty: 0.04%
  • Problem with a Product or Service: 46%

Regardless of the exact complaint, most customers find that pursuing real resolution against Verizon Fios to be a time-consuming and apparently impossible prospect. But nothing could be further from the truth. With FairShake and a little grit, it’s more than possible to actually take Verizon Fios to task for the issues they provide to their customers.

What Situations Might Lead to a Verizon Fios Lawsuit?

Since Verizon Fios provides such a diverse array of services, the variety of consumer-unfriendly situations they create is also vast.

False or Misleading Advertising

For starters, Verizon Fios might practice false or misleading advertising through their promotional materials or through their customer service reps. Their telephone ads might make it seem as though you’ll get crystal-clear communication anywhere in the US. But when you sign up, you find out belatedly that your area is one of the few not serviced by Verizon Fios’s high-speed network.

Misleading Charges when Terminating a Verizon Fios Account

Other customers have found the cancellation process to be particularly laborious. Many times, canceling your account comes with extra fees or charges that are difficult to understand and equally tough for their employees to explain. Regardless, it’s your account that gets charged and it’s your wallet that takes the proverbial punch.

Continuing to Charge You After Account Cancellation

In other cases, you might find that Verizon Fios tries to keep charging you even after your account cancellation. Whether this is the form of so-called “continuation” clauses or just “mistakes” on behalf of their billing department, it’s something that you shouldn’t have to deal with and something you can take Verizon Fios to one court or another for.

Make It Impossible to Cancel Your Account

Verizon Fios hates to lose customers (don’t all companies?), but that’s no excuse for them to engage in shady business practices. Sometimes their customer service reps or websites make it very difficult or misleading for you to cancel your account. This is bad for you, but it’s also bad for consumer trust overall.

Sudden and Misleading Changes to Your Account

Generally speaking, it’s common for big companies to levy strange or sudden charges to their customers’ accounts. In most cases, they know people won’t notice, especially when it comes to minor price hikes of $1 or so. But if you do notice, that’s something you don’t have to put up with and something that Verizon Fios should have to answer for.

Negative Impacts to Your Credit Rating

Because you spend money at Verizon Fios and can have an account there, they report some information to the big credit bureaus. This, in turn, can impact your credit score, which can affect the loans you take out and what financial opportunities you’ll have in the future. Bad mistakes by Verizon Fios can lead to impactful drops in your credit score!

Your Account Goes to Collections for Money You Don’t Owe

In the event that Verizon Fios collections department “misidentifies” you as a customer that hasn’t paid money they owe, their collections agents might harass you or constantly bug you to give them money they don’t deserve. This is rude, frustrating, and also bordering on outright illegal.

Verizon Fios “Can’t Verify” Employee Promises

If you’ve ever tried to cash in with a promotional opportunity or take advantage of a bonus that an employee promised you, you might’ve found that Verizon Fios does it’s hardest to avoid honoring those agreements. This is common in big business, shamefully.

Poor Business Practices

In the end, it doesn’t matter what poor business practice you’ve experienced while holding an account with Verizon Fios. They should be able to treat customers so poorly, and we think that it’s high time someone took them to task for this stuff.

That’s why we’re here. At FairShake, we can help you file a small claims court or consumer arbitration case against Verizon Fios. Just start the sign-up process by using the form below and we’ll gather some ancillary information while we put together a plan for your needs. You’ll only need to devote a few minutes of your time every week going forward. Best of all, you don’t owe us a thing unless you get a resolution you’re satisfied with.

Contact us today and we’ll set you up with one of our skilled legal experts. We can get started ASAP so you lose no time!

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