How to Leave a Review for Verizon Fios

When Verion Fios customer service fails, you may have a legal option to get your complaint resolved.

Verizon Fios (and practically every other big company with an online presence) often claims that it’s thrilled to receive your user feedback, especially if you have a complaint. Ostensibly, these companies are supposed to take those complaints and improve their services or companywide policies.

But does leaving a review actually lead to real change, or a response to your particular grievance? In our experiences, not usually. The fact is that companies like Verizon Fios get thousands of complaints every year – even if had have the manpower to sort through all of those complaints, chances are they wouldn’t listen to most of them. And they don’t have that manpower!

Plus, Verizon Fios makes it clear that they don’t particularly care about customer feedback since there isn’t a dedicated spot on their own website for you to speak your mind with other users. What use is feedback if you can’t compare your experience with other customers?

All told, it takes a lot of time and energy to write a review, particularly a negative one. While it might make you feel a little better in the short term, it doesn’t normally produce real results. But FairShake might be able to help.

Specifically, we can give you the tools you need to file real legal action against Verizon Fios through small claims court cases or consumer arbitration. Let’s break down how you can leave a review for Verizon, plus go over some alternatives you might consider if/when that doesn’t pan out.

Verizon Fios’ Website

As mentioned, Verizon Fios doesn’t actually have a review section on their website. You can give your feedback to the company by calling the customer service number or getting ahold of a chat representative. But this is largely a waste of time, as even if the rep says they’ll boost your feedback to their superiors, there’s no guarantee on your end. You might just be screaming into the void.

The BBB and Other Consumer Review Sites

But what about other websites? The Better Business Bureau and fellow consumer review collection sites like consumeraffairs.com provide avenues for customers to connect, voice their concerns, and potentially attract the attention of Verizon Fios’s customer service reps outside the natural environment.

Take the BBB, for example. It’s clear that, in the last year, there’ve been over 2000 complaints settled thanks to getting the attention of representatives. Fortunately, filling out a complaint on this website is fairly simple and only takes a few minutes. You’ll also be able to check out the reviews of other customers to see if your issue is common for the company.

Consumeraffairs.com is similar in form and function. 141 ratings were submitted in the last year at the time of this writing, and you’ll rest assured that all the complaints you see are verified by the editorial team. Putting your voice here has the possibility of attracting a real response from Verizon Fios since people looking for new telecommunications providers often check these sites to see a company’s reputation before signing on the dotted line.

This all being said, there’s no guarantee that a customer service rep will actually pay attention to your complaint on either website. Instead, you’re more likely to have a real and speedy response to your complaint by pursuing legal action.

Consumer Arbitration – How It Can Be a Good Alternative

But wait, you might ask. Doesn’t your contract have a clause preventing you from suing Verizon Fios? Chances are that it does. But this isn’t the end of the story. FairShake can help you file a consumer arbitration case against Verizon Fios, which circumvents that legal restriction and allows you to get the compensation you deserve in many cases.

What Is It?

Basically, consumer arbitration is a different type of legal action. A third-party mediator can force a resolution between you and Verizon Fios. It’s technically not a lawsuit, so you don’t get a monetary award from the proceedings. But the arbitrator can require Verizon Fios to settle your complaint or stop doing the shady business practice that is causing the issue in the first place.

Setting up a consumer arbitration case can be time-consuming. But we at FairShake have years of experience in this arena and can help you knock out the required work in no time. Best of all, we can file the forms for you and make sure your case is ironclad.

Does It Work?

Yes! Verizon Fios and other big companies often decide to settle instead of proceeding with consumer arbitration since it ends up being less expensive and time-consuming on their end. This is good news for you since you get a resolution more quickly than you would otherwise.

In the past, Verizon Fios customers have used consumer arbitration to get refunds or credits for issues like:

  • sudden price increases to their contract
  • misleading or lying sales representatives
  • misleading promotions or sales opportunities
  • hidden fees on their bills
  • and more

All of these issues can be seen in the reviews found in the websites above and beyond. But you can go beyond leaving just another bad review and adding your voice to the chorus. Instead, you can force Verizon Fios to pay attention. Doesn’t that sound better?

The good news is that working with us is quick and easy. For starters, explaining the basics of your case and beginning the consumer arbitration process only takes a few minutes, starting with filling out the form below. Afterward, you’ll only need to spend a few minutes each week working with us to keep the case going.

As we said, chances are that Verizon Fios will decide to settle. Even if they don’t, we’ll be with you every step of the way. You don’t owe us anything unless you’re satisfied and get compensation for your grievances.

When it’s laid out like this, what are you waiting for? Start your official legal claim of us and we’ll be in touch shortly. Let’s ensure that Verizon Fios actually handles your complaint instead of ignoring it like all the others!

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